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My weekend was NUTS!

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Let me give you a brief.

Our bank closed the busines that we own a new home. Ok we agreed that we will sleep in a new home. Our cats are with us. But somehow, we wanted to get over with the stuffs from our house included our beds. Tavish usually got nervous and hide under the bed. Now it's gone. We assumes that Tavish was hiding somehwere in the house. Because two men (my laws' friends) came to help us that Tavish dislikes strangers. Yet, We haven't discuss about where we sleep. Our new home has no AC and it was pretty HOT. The AC company will come and install it on tuesday. Luckily, My in laws offered us to sleep in their first home while they sleep at their lake home that is only 30 minutes away from us. My husband said that we should leave our cats in the new home there while we sleep in parents first home. I refused!! I did agrue with my husband that it's no fair for them to suffer and feel too hot in the new home and they will be nervous to a new home alone and hot etc.. NO way! My husband didn't think twice because he was extremely tired from carrying lots of heavy stuffs friday and sat. Todd had to ask his parents if its ok with them our cats can join with us.. They said OK ( i know his mom does not want to but know me that i can't live without my furry boys.

Guess what we found Jude with no problem. He sat on the cat house in middle of the living room with no stuffs except cathouse. but we couldn't find Tavish. Two strangers that Tavish disliked, and he was nervous about hearing so noises due to moving stuffs aways etc and the house become emtpy. SO we searchedf or him and we were not sure if he ran out of the house or somehow. But we knew that Tavish is not that kind of cat who run away. He must stay in the house because he dislikes being alone outside. We searched for 5 hours to call him after our stuffs and everything are done. At last Tavish had his guts to got out of the house from the basement. I dont know how he hided the SMALL spot that we couldn't see him. Of course I cried so emotionally that I can't live without tavish and Jude but Tavish is more senstive because of his background so tramutic than Jude. But they are my furbabies.

IF our new home has AC already. We could have put them in a room and leave there while we cleaned up our old home. But unfortunately, we didnt talk about where to sleep because of AC. My daughter can't stand sleeping with HOT at night and I am pregnant too. I can't stand it too.. We regret that we should have discussed with Todds parents about where to sleep then we can put our cats there while we cleaned up but at that time Todds parents' dogs were there.

THANK GOD IT's all OVEr.. My fur babies are at my in laws house right now. Tomorrow AC company will come. Then we will bring our cats to our new home at last.. We ll put them in our new room for a few hours then let them go out at night. Jude, it does not matter to him but Tavish likes to snoop all the house while it's quiet which is night.. My daughter Jana makes noises. so He wait till Jana goes to sleep then he can go out. wish us a lot of luck! I thought I would have lost Tavish that he never been disappeared on us before! If Tavish is lost and I won't enjoy myself moving ina new home and have baby on the way in 10 more days.. gosh..
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That sounds like a crazy weekend for you all! I am glad that you guys are okay!

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Thanks, Kelley,

I cant image how to give up on Tavish.. If Tavish will never get out of the basement. I can't image if we leave him alone in the house so emtpy and so hot for a few days before the new owner moves in. What if Tavish will never get out of the basment and be straved and stuck in the spot where he hided.

Thank god Tavish had his guts to get out after he heard Todd's voice soo loudly. Tavish knew that Todd demanded to see him! Oh boy!!

p.s. i have 10 more days to go for our little baby arrives via a c section.. I hope we ll be ready with our stuffs to straight out a little in our new home..
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Wow sounds like you had a very rough weekend. I am glad that you found Tavish(love that name by the way). I do hope that you get as much as you can straightened out before the baby arrives,how exciting for you Congrats to you on the new home and in advance to the new baby.
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You are having a C-section? Good luck - I had one with my son.
May I ask why you are having him by c-section? If this is too personal, Im sorry.
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Nah, that s fine. Ha.. i was one week late (overdue). I was in the labor for 22 hours and no luck that Jana's head was too big for my small pelvic. Then dr discovered that Jana was in a risk position where she could have suffiocent by wrong backward down with her neck. Immediately, i had the urge to got a c section for jana. Then I got pregnant. I have thought about going through like this with jana's situation. I decided to choose a csection because i want to have baby earlier and easy. Also I don't like to mess up scdedule like overdue or so.. I admit i am chicken out to have another a HELL labor and whatever..I figure out that i had a c section and second time makes any no difference.. I guess so That's my story. haha
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Goodness, you had a rough weekend. I'm so glad you found Tavish. My Max does not like strangers or worse, strangers who make a lot of noise. I'm glad you are getting AC in your new house. With a new baby, it would be so hard in a hot house. You must be exhausted! Sending my sympathy and warm wishes your way.
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Thank you, girlies!
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That makes a lot of sense FF - I had the same problem as you, and would probably do the same thing again if I get pregnant again.

Good luck with the birth and hope everything goes well!
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I can't imagine moving, chasing down cats AND being pregnant. If it was me, I'd be in bed, head under the covers, whimpering.
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Originally posted by katl8e
I can't imagine moving, chasing down cats AND being pregnant. If it was me, I'd be in bed, head under the covers, whimpering.
Thats so funny. If i stay in the bed and rest but it would make it worse.. I do something to make me calm down instead of sitting and do nothing except drive myself nuts.. No way..

Kelley, yeah.. thanks though!!
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