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An essay dedicated to my cat

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I finally got around to reading this forum and figured I'd post something that's been lying around for a couple of years now. I can probably write better now than I could when I was thirteen but here goes:


-An essay dedicated to Blacky

Have you ever seen a cat who can jump seven feet from the ground, run so fast he's a blur to the human eye, or flip and tumble better than any Olympic gymnast all on a deck rail or ladder? Well, I get to hang out with one every day after school. His name is Blacky and he's been one of my best friends since we adopted him into the family when I was in the third grade.

Even as a six month old kitten, we could tell that he was not going to grow up to be your everyday run-of-the-mill housecat. He is completely jet-black from head to the tip of his extra-long tail, highlighted only by his golden copper eyes. Cat experts estimate that he is a non-pedigree Bombay. All fancy descriptions aside, his personality has developed into the most unique combination of traits. Anyone comes to see him agrees. He's more like a dog in his loyalty, love of people, and playful attitude. He will even go for walks around the neighborhood staying pretty much right at my heels. But he's more like a cat in his agility, sprinting speed, love of climbing, and that effortless elegance that radiates wherever he goes.

Out of everything else though, his best quality is knowing how to be a friend. I tend to be a very busy person, but sometimes when there's nothing to do, I spend time with my other kind of best friend -- Blacky -- the kind that doesn’t argue with you, but knows when to comfort, when to play, when to help you get to sleep when you're sick, and when to cheer you up when the studying is getting to you.

The kind of friend that can do all this without ever saying a single word is the best kind of friend. I'm lucky to have one of those friends.
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Dear Catzlvr: "You wrote that when you were 13?" WoW! Please write more about Blacky. You have special(direct and innocent) way with words. I "thoroughly ENJOYED" your essay.

I see that you have not been with us long. I welcome you; if I missed your introduction in The Lounge, I apologize. What part of VA. do you live in??? What a beautiful state!!!
I lived for many years in the DC area and friends had a weekend cabin in VA. about an hour away from The Capital.
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I live in the southern part of Va and was born here and have lived here all my life - I love it here though (Hawaii is probably my fav place on earth, bere here is a close 2nd! ) - never gets boring as you may think.

I do have some more lit. about Blacky, so I'll try and find it. Thanks for the interest!
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Thank you for sharing your "old" essay with us! It's quite good and I totally agree with you about feline friendship. Please share more of your work with us!

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I love your essay and look forward to reading more about Blacky
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Hi! I like both your writing and your enthusiasm for Blacky's friendship. He sounds like a great guy! Hope you'll share more of him and his antics with us. Stick with the writing. You have a true talent.
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Very nice essay
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Dear Catzlvr
I must apologize for not reading this sooner! You're an amazing writer and all I can say is please continue...I enjoyed your story so much. Your cat Blacky seems like a wonderful companion to you. Your writing emulates your feelings so well.

Thank you for sharing that.

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