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Food and Toys

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Hi, I just wanted to share a helpful hint to those of us that have recently became the guardians of our new little furbaby. My story real quick-my little one arrived at my doorstep the week of Easter this year, named her Lily. Kind of two reasons behind the name-the Easter connection and then she is all black, and wanted to pay homage to Lily Munster. I did the right thing, got her to the vet right away for necessary shots etc. and then a few weeks later got her spayed. The first couple of days in my house and all she did was sleep. Guess she was so tired from being on the run. Well, let me cut to the chase here and give my advice to the rest of the new owners.
During our adjustment time she was good at eating any food I put in front of her. I did not know the good from the bad yet. Pretty soon she developed dislikes for a lot of the food that came her way. So along the way of taste testing just about every good brand out there, I accumulated lots of extra food that she just refused to eat. Left some of it out the whole weekend and she never touched it. Stubborn little girl sometimes. What I did with the unliked food, was take it down the street to my local no kill shelter to help them out. I know some of the food is not the best in the world for the animals. but when you are dealing with a shelter that has no money, any donation is appreciated. So I ask you if to just take a few minutes to drop it off at your local shelter. It will make some poor homeless kitty a bit happier and help out an organization that has very little money. Same goes for toys too, but I will save that for another time.
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That is a great idea. You can also donate coupons, old towels and blankets, newspapers, pet shampoos you didn't like. For those of you that sew, old clothes can be cut up to make wonderful blanket squares for a puppy or kitten.
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Yes, and while you're there, if the kitty magnet pulls you in to see the cats, why not bring another one home as a companion for Lily? The more the merrier!!!

Bless your heart for donating to the shelter.
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Great idea! Those shelters can always use donations and help in whatever capacity you can.

I'm going to move this to the Lounge so everyone can be reminded to donate whatever they can to help the animals in need.

(P.S. Check out the important threads in the Cat SOS forum!)
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Aww that was nice of you and such a good idea.

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