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traded .........

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I traded my eclipse in yesterday for a 03 chevy blazer. It's the 2-door and I love it! I got my eclipse last year, which was a complete impulse buy. I did have to roll negative equity into it, but I also got a ton of rebates from Chevy that was used as a down payment. My payments will stay the same, which is just fine with me. Mine is the light pewter color - lots of options: power seats, doors & locks; a/c; temperature gauge, tells you which direction you are driving, etc. So, we finally have an SUV, that is considered mine.
I never will go with an eclipse -- mitsubishi flooded the market so bad with their no interest/no payment for year -- because of that i lost a lot on my eclipse
Oh well. I am happier with this vehicle and it was worth it to me.
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sounds like a good deal, glad you like it, safe and happy driving
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Lucky you! Enjoy!
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Sounds great! Glad you got something you will enjoy!
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congrats Tigger! Hope it last you forever!
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