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I'M Off To Party & Intoxicate Myself Over the Hill

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I see so many new posts that I would love to respond to and take the time to read, but it's 6:15 pm and I have to leave for my party, which starts tonight and will extend into tomorrow, my 35th. So, I just wanted to say thank you all and I will "talk" to everyone tomorrow night! Take care and my best - Chuck aka, Meowman
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Have a great time, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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I'm popping a couple of Ex-lax and a prune juice in your honor.

Happy birthday, old man!

(See you after the hangover)
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Happy 35th!
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Happy Birthday!!!!!
:icecream: :blubturq:

(sorry, as a minor, I don't think I should put any alcohol in here... but you get lots of blobbies!)
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:blubturq: :blubturq: H APPY 35th B IRTHDAY :blubturq: :blubturq:

hope you are having the absolute best birthday you've ever had ! sending you happy birthday wishes !
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Well, it's 2:30 am and I just got home. The party was fun and ALL of the girls tackled me and pinned me down and whipped the daylights out of me. If I counted the whips right, I'm turning 50!!!! I think they were a bit over zealous.

But, the party was all fun and Laura told me as I was leaving "What, my cats aren't good enough to sleep with"? I just said I wanted MY cats! Besides, the party had wound down all the way and there were only 5 of us left.

Tomorrow, were going to see Mulan Rouge and have dinner.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I actually DO feel older today for some reason. Of course, 10 yrs ago I could party all night. Now my body just says "forget it". LOL. Oh, getting older sucks, but does yield it's own rewards. I look back on the BOY I was 10 yrs ago and the man I've become today and am amazed at how I turned out and grew up. But...

I wanna stay a Toys-R-Us kid! Forever!
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So, how are you feeling? Sounds like you had a great time! I'm really impressed that you can stay up past 2:30, I have a hard time making it past 10, and I'm younger than you! (How's that for a run-on sentence!). Happy Birthday.

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CHUCK, Chuck, C H U C K (MeowMan); You are " a Meer Child" Check back in this a.m. and begin your next 35!!!!

Hope your was the best. . .

You made The Right Choice about who to sleep with. . . . . . .

A few blobs that snuck in under the door from last night. . .
:blubturq: :chicken:

(don't know where the :chicken: came from. . . . . )
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Don't ever forget that growing older and growing up are NOT the same thing! In my mind, I am forever 25. When you truly believe it, others fo too!
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Happy 35th birthday-anniversary, Chuck!

May you and your feline friends enjoy many more anniversaries! And, don't forget all those merry unbirthdays in the meantime.

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Happy Birthday!

I was out of town until last night & was just now able to check TCS. sorry I was late!

hope it was wonderful & I look forward to hearing a review of moulin rouge!

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Sorry I was late also, Chuck!!!!!!!!!! I was having computer problems, and couldn't get online...but happy birthday late!!!!!!!!!!( are you still passed out...or can you respond...LOL)

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CHUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm alive and well. Sat. was the party and Sun we had dinner, played pool and went to see Mulin Rouge. I liked it. It is a cross between Rocky Horror Picture Show and Evita. But, it is a like it or hate it movie. People were getting up and leaving during it. It combined old music/songs (Like Sinatra) and mixed in lyrics from Queen and Madonna. A very odd little film. I reccomend getting into an "enlightened" frame of mind before watching it.

Thank You all for the birthday wishes.
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I have never seen Rocky Horror Picture Show OR Evita....but I love Nicole Kidman, and maybe if I take your advice on the enlightened state of mind (bud lite) LOL....I might really enjoy it!!!
Glad you had a great Birthday!! Stop saying you are over the hill....I will be 36 in October!!!

*hill? What hill....I didn't see no stinkin' hill....* :laughing:
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Happy Birthday!

Better late than never!

:martian: :martian: :martian: :martian:
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