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Hi there

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Hello to all Cat Lovers . Today I found this side and had to join right away . I have 15 indoor cats and 5 outdoor cats . As you can see I am a PurrfectCatlove person . But I also have 3 dogs ,all rescue dogs . Some of my cats are rescue , drop offs , found ,feral ... I do have a few pure breed ones , 1 Cornish Rex , 2 Selkirk Rex , 2 Oriental Shorthair ,2 Siamese cats . As you can think it was to much in a smal house . So my wonderfull husband and my son build them a Cathouse , so they can go save outside and enjoy the fresh air and all the wonderfull birds . And are also able to come back inside where it is cool in the summer and warm in the winter . Hopefully I was able to attach the picture so you all can see the house for the cats .They all live in harmonie together and all are spayed / nuter .Three of them spray though, so we are looking into a air purifier at this time . If any one has a good ID please let me know .We all pay attention to each one every day , especially me since I am most of the day at home . So this side is a wonderfull side for me to read all about cats and find out more about cats . So thank you for making this purrfect side .
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Welcome! That is one cool cat house!
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Well thank you so much Sicycat . I like it myself . To bad I don't have a better picture of it . But I will make more picture , if I get a better looking one I will post it
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hey there welcome to the board, its a great place, and that is a great cat house, wish i could get my husband to build our boys one of those it sounds like you have plenty to fill it up, thats nice that you are able to do this, have a great time here
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Thank's dougbug .Maybe if you invite a few friends over and make it a fun day with BBQ , you all can have a part of building a nice castle for your boys . Just a ID to think about
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Welcome to the site! Wow - that enclosure is fantastic!! I bet your kitties LOVE it.

For the spraying, be sure to check out the stickies (threads marked IMPORTANT ) at the top of the Behavior Forum, and if those don't answer your questions, post a thread about the spraying problem and we'll help however we can.
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thank you valanhb . Be sure I will be ck in the Behavior Forum if there is any thing els for me to do to solve this problem . And yes , all my kitties love the save outdoors , beside one and she was a ferral cat . Maybe bad memories ???
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Welcome PurrfectCatLove! Sounds like you have a full house with 15 indoor and 5 outdoor cats, goodness! Hope you enjoy your time here!
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thank's jgaruba , I do have a lot of fun here . Every body is very nice , I like that a lot . Yes I do have my house max. out .
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welcome to the boards!!
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thank's Princess Purr . I guess your house is full too .My cats names are : Angel ,Buddy ,Calipso ,Darling ,Jasmine ,Jack , Joseph ,Malachi , Marquise ,Mellisa , Rafael ,Moses , Mozart , Snowball , Thailee . My Outside cats are : Elisha , Fluff , Jeremiah , Mr. T , Shenene .
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Welcome!!! , I'm Sam and I breed Persian Cats.
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well thank you WellingtonCats .I am sure your Persian keep you busy all the time
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Yeah my 8
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Hi there and welcome!

I love your "cat house", looks very much like a hotel that any cat might be happy to stay at.
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that is not to many , for a breeder I guess . Most breeder I know have more than 8 cats . But on the other hand they don't have so much fur to take care of .
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thank's Daisy30uk .Yeah , Cat Hotel . They still like to go inside when it gets to hot or to cold outside .Spoilt I guess
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They are just my inside cats I have a cattery and breed in partnership with over 20 more

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15 cats! Indoors! Wow. Where do you live? Country or City? :rainbow:
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WOW WellingtonCats .... now that's a lot I will take back what I said about not to many
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why ??? Minismom did you want to bring some more . I live in Georgia USA
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LOL I love them all very much

Anywayz enjoy ya stay here, ok?

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Thank's Sam I already enjoy this side very much .
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Wow, I haven't been in "New Cats" in a while. I hope all newbies forgive me!

Welcome and I love the Cat house. What a dream! You're kitties are very lucky!

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Hi there and welcome!
With love from all my hairless cats
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