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Finally got my cat tree put together. Well part of it anyway.
Boy, I thought this would be so easy to do. lol Might have been easier if I had help.
Here is a new pic of my baby
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I had plans for another tier but can't figure out how to put it on.
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I think you did fine
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I think you did a good job. Kitty looks happy on it
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Now your kitty has a nice comfortable place where he can watch what's going on outside the window.

Just wondering...is your cat tree the same thing as the cat condo that was reviewed on Anne's homepage? It looks similiar in some ways.
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Lorie the one in the review is modular and made of heavy cardboard tubes and plastic connectors and cloth/canvas hammocks. What I like best about it besides it being easy to move around, is when a cat scratches the post to the point of shredding, you just pop off the leg of the condo, order a new one for just a few dollars and you have a new condo again. It's pretty nifty!

Looks like Hermoine did a good job building her first homemade cat tree. They are not that easy to put together, and she did it all by herself too! The important thing is just to give the cat height off the floor Hermoine, if you can't build a second level, don't worry about it. The cat will still feel secure. It doesn't look like your homemade one will tip- so good job!
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Thanks all for your support.
No this tree is modeled on one I saw on www.angelicalcat.com. It is featured in the rustic models. They are made with natural logs with bark or without bark. Plus you can get sissal and carpet too. But they are expensive and I figured I have access to trees so why not. But, it is hard to get straight posts and if not straight, it is difficult to get it level. My uncle helped me cut the posts level but the rest was all me. Theirs is also 2ft square for stability so that is what I was going to do. The bottom tho is bigger cause that was the piece I had left and I thought, "why not leave it that big" so I did. Lots of scratching room. I also had a rope scratcher that was supposed to hang but I never had any luck getting my previous cat to use it so I just attached it to one leg of this one. Wala, another surface.
Oh my, do I get long winded. Sorry.

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Looking Good! and oh such a cute kitty
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Good job! And it looks like kitty is enjoying it
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