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You come home from work and notice Fluffy has also been hard at work. Dirt is flung everywhere. When you left your home, your houseplants were potted inside of pots, and now the pots are on their sides and plants are all over the carpet! Worse yet, Fluffy had the nerve to use the soil for her own personal potty! Before your temper gets the best of you, take a deep breath and relax. Getting angry never solves anything. The solution to the problem may lie below:

First off, be sure that if you have a cat, that you DON’T have any poisonous plants around. Follow this link to locate some excellent websites that will list for you all the poisonous and toxic plants.

Poison&Toxic Plants

Now that you have cleared out your home of toxic and poison plants, you have to figure out how to keep Fluff out of your houseplants. Here are some tips:

If the cat is nibbling plants:

•\tStart adding chopped (cooked) green beans to your cat’s diet.
•\tBuy some cat grass or kitty oats and plant Fluffy her own personal indoor garden.
•\tAt the feed store or pet store they have this spray called Bitter Apple, buy a bottle and spray your plant leaves.
•\tOr take lemon juice concentrate and mix it half and half with vinegar and spray the leaves.
•\tMove the plants up by hanging them from the ceiling so kitty can’t reach them
•\tPlant catnip in a separate planter and let kitty have her own indoor nip garden.
•\tUnderstand your cat is bored, so introduce a new cat condo, or a window perch give the kitty toys to play with, get an aquarium so Fluffy can watch the fish.

If your cat is digging in the soil or eliminating in the dirt:

Add a fine layer of aquarium rocks to the top of the soil; make sure you cover the area completely.
Take netting and place it over the planter, to discourage kitty’s explorations.
Use larger rocks to put on top of the soil, large enough so the cat cannot move them easily.
Lay aluminum foil on the soil
Cut strips of thin wood and place sticky paws on the strips; lay the sticks down around the plant
Attach balloons to the outside of the planter, take a fan and blow air gently toward the balloons to cause movement.
Keep the soil moist so the kitty won’t be prone to dig in it.

If you find that your cat has gotten into poison plants, perhaps you had a fresh arrangement delivered to your home, and the cat ate the baby breaths- call the Poison Hotline Immediately! 1-800-548-2423 there is a charge $30.00 a call. Have the following ready: Your name, the cat’s name, the age and weight of the cat, what you believe she ingested and about how much, write down the symptoms the cat is exhibiting.

Warning signs of toxic or poison in cats:

Panting, gums swollen, drooling, tongue and lips black, lethargy, vomiting, diarrhea, increased water intake, fever, coughing sneezing, difficulty breathing, tremors, seizures, third eyelid showing, eyes dilated.

Don’t hesitate; if you believe your cat has been poisoned, you call your VET, or an Emergency Clinic or the Poison Hotline. 1-800-548-2423 have your credit card ready, this is not a free call!

Time is of the essence. Your cat’s life could hang in the balance and it is important that you act quickly!