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Weight Issue

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Before Peppurr was neutered, he was a slim 9.5 pounds. He was fixed in October 2002, 9 months later, he weighs 16.9 pounds! He has a big frame, and an extra long body. When he walks, his fat sways from one side to the other! He is eating Solid Gold in measured amounts 2 times a day. I have tried diet foods, but he doesn't like them. What can I do? I don't want him to get so fat that he get's diabetes or kidney failure!

Is there a excellent diet food for cats? I want a super premium food, that's all Peppurr will eat. How good is the Royal Canin Weight Control?
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I would consult your vet first and get his/her opinion. Iams makes a weight control dry food. try getting him to play with a cat wand so he can run around. You also mentioned he has a big frame, so that could be why he weighs more.
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Peppurr plays like crazy! He can run really fast and jump pretty high! He just has alot of extra fat on his belly. His belly is 20 inches around, it was 12 before he got neutered.

The vet wasn't concerned about his weight because he is a big cat. I just want to put him on a food that has less fat in it so that he doesn't become overweight. The rest of my cats are the perfect weight for their body structures.

Peppurr is known as "The Fat Cat" at my house. When new people come over, they think HE is pregnant! He doesn't have much energy on hot days. He'll walk about 5 feet, stretch, and then lay down!

Has anyone tried Royal Canin Weight Managment?
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I use Royal Canin Slim Formula.

Sam didn't eat much kibble before, but when Bailey was put on diet food, he decided he loves it. In fact, they both love it so much that they both gained weight, Sam 1 pound, and Bailey 2 pounds. In two months.

Talk to your vet. If he says that the cat is not overweight, then don't worry.

My vet suggested that they both get wet food as their main meals, and the kibble as a snack. I think that they have at least stopped gaining weight.

When I contacted the manufacturers about calorie content, I was quite surprised to find out that the recommended daily amount of wet food contained less than half the calories of kibble. Even the diet kibble had double the calories of regular canned food.
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My over weight cat has been on Royal Canin Slim for several months, she has lost the side bulge, but I think will forever have the tummy swag. Just this week I have been reading so many negative things about dry food and want to start my cats on wet food mostly, so I have to find a new quality wet food for weight management. But as far as the Royal Canin goes she has loved it since day one. Linda
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