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litter box problem!

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our kittens are 6 weeks old, and have been very good about using the litter box...until this week. In this last week, they seem to have decided that my dad's closet is a much better litter box than the two they already have. I've had to wash out his hiking pack, his overnight bag, his Disneyland duffel bag...hmmm, maybe they just don't want us to travel! anyway, he tried moving one of the liter boxes to the hallway outside his room, but it didn't really work. They used it most of the time, but then Tag decided to go on the towel that sat where it used to be. It is now back in its original place. We've tried to tell them not to, but how do you lecture a kitten on its bathroom habits? they only pee on the luggage...everything else happens in the box. it's not all the time, just about half of the time. as far as we can tell, it's both of them doing it. any advice? we're getting awfully sick of finding puddles in my dad's suitcases.
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I'm not sure why they chose your dad's closet, but now that they have started pottying there, they will continue because it has that "smell" to it, even after washing your father's items. You need to get some odor neutralizer. And just keep the door to your parent's room shut so there is no chance of them wandering in.

Someone else can probably help you more in-depth, and give you names of good odor-neutralizing products since I've never used any. I sure hope you can solve this problem!
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there's no door on that room! it's the only other room upstairs, and it's right next to the kitty room. so we can't really keep them out, and we can't lock them in (Sasha does not tolerate that well).
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Originally posted by Michelle
there's no door on that room! it's the only other room upstairs, and it's right next to the kitty room. so we can't really keep them out, and we can't lock them in (Sasha does not tolerate that well).
I read a book on this same matter. It was called "Is your cat crazy?" by John Wright. It states "Unless certain criteria are met-from the feline point of view-a cat will take it's business elsewhere. The key is the feline's point of view. What cats need are:
1. Cleanliness
2. Privacy
3. Escape Potential"

You can also put down toys where they have had accidents or cover with aluminum foil etc.

Hope this helps!
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Keep in mind that your kittens are very small and that their bladders are even smaller. When a little kitten is out romping around and having a wild kitten time, he will realize all too late that "I've gotta pee and I can't make it downstairs to the box!" So, what happens is that they find something that has the right feel or smell to it and they go there. It is not that they are being naughty, its that their bladders and their legs are too small to get them back to the litterbox on time.

Chances are that your dad's travel stuff is leather or has leather trim. For some reason, the leather smell may have signaled to the desperate kitten that this is the place to go.

So, putting the litter box outside the room is an excellent idea...but make sure you keep another litter box downstairs. Once the kittens get a little older and can hold their pee a bit longer (and can run to the box faster) you can go back to having only one box. For kittens (or elderly cats), you should one box on each floor of the house because they will have more difficulty making it up and down the stairs when their bladder suddenly signals that "Now is the time to go!"
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Michelle, I just read something you wrote in another post. You said that you are using a covered litter box.

Many cats refuse to use a covered box. Did the problem begin after you started using the covered box?

Anyway...you might try taking the lid off the box and see if that helps. I have known many people who have had your problem and the instant they removed the lid, the cat never peed outside the box again!

Also, make sure that you scoop daily. Cats hate to use dirty boxes.
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we have two boxes, in the room right across from dad's room. one is low-sided, and open, the other is bigger with a cover for Sasha. The kittens don't spend much time downstairs yet...those stairs are pretty big when you're so small! they spend a lot of time in dad's room, but it's very close to their box. I guess I'll just have to wait for them to grow out of it.
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