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I have been fighting diarrhea with a feral cat and 4 kittens I am fostering for over 8 weeks. I have wormed them twice, they have had antibiotics, also have been on Albon. I was at my wits end on how to solve this problem. My vet suggested adding canned pumpkin (100% pumpkin without any spices ). I thought at first that the vet was kidding me. Well I tried it. It works!!!! The vet said they do not have any scientific reason on why it works or what is in the pumpkin that makes it work, they just know that it really helps in calming the intestinal track down. I am so happy with the results that I just wanted to share!!!!!
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Yep- it does work. It adds fiber to their diet and helps them have solid stool versus runny. If you nuke it in the microwave first to get it warm, they really like it then.
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I think it something more than the fiber. I have been adding fiber to their diet for 5 weeks already. I was adding Metamucil before and getting nowhere with it.
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I think it has to do with the solubility of the fiber source. Metamucil is high in soluble fiber where canned pumpkin is high in insoluble fiber. That is possibly why you did not see results with the Metamucil.
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Our cat has been eating pumpkin his whole life - not for medical reasons, but because he loves it. We usually have several every fall - my father-in-law always grows them - and I slice and bake them. JC's portion doesn't get any spices. I've heard people recommend it for constipation, I suppose because of the fiber.
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Hey I may have to give it a try too, do you think it would be ok? I posted about my daughters kitten that has diahrea and she seems to be getting a little better but not totally normal. She has taken her last dose of Albon and Im wondering what to do about foods and such for her.
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Oh and how much should I give her, per feeding and daily?
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I have been mixing the pumpkin half and half with their canned food at each feeding. Seems to be working really well.
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Thanks so much! I've been trying to think of something I could do for her and I will give it a try!
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Just gave Tibby some pumpkin mixed with her food. Got my fingers crossed that it will help. She likes it too. I will keep it up and see if it helps her.
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i'll have to keep that in mind...
do they like it though?
maybe i'll give my cats some...
i'm always trying to give my cats new tastes
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They really seem to like it. I have mixed it with canned and dry food.
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