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Need name suggestions

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Hi again to all. I do volunteer work with an animal rescue group. We seem to be getting in a rut when naming our rescues. I am looking for suggestions for new names for our pets. We seem to keep using the same type of names over and over. So if you have any suggestions please post them. And if the name you suggest should go with a certain look or type please add a description.

Thanks to all
Hope I will get allot of names, the more the merrier
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Name your Kitten

Also we have a name thread here:

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I dont have any name suggestions for you but my cats are named Peedoodle - he came named to us, and hes got the greatest nature, I adore him. The other one is Kahu which is short for Kahurangi which is maori (native NZ language) for precious (my grandmother was a maori and so I know a little bit of it.)
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There are a couple sites that list names. One is www.I-love-cats.com
and the other one I don't remember but might have been on a site like petsmart. I visited them not too long ago when I was looking for a name for my demon kitty.

Enjoy your baby
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Hi there . How do you like Kikko as a Name , or Mozart , Thailee , Marquise , Calipso , Raffael , Jasmine , Mr T . These are a few Names of my Cats .I don't know if I was any help , but good luck with finding new Names for the cuties .
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I really liked those PurrfectCat love!
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I really like names that end with the eee sound, like: Harry, Maggie, Frankie, Cutie, Pippy, Susie, Georgie, Johnny ...
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You could always pick a theme and name them after famous TV characters.

Miss Piggy
Mr Ed
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I'm rather partial to these names since their my furbabies names!

Also, like these:
many more that I just can't think of right now.

Another option for you is search Petfinder.org and check out the names of the animals there. Sad thing about that is seeing all those animals without homes and there are lots of animals that don't even have names.
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Thank you 8Cat . I am sure by now you have a lot of Names
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Try here! Lot's of Names
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We are listed on petfinder and have a bunch of kittens that are listed girl 1 to 8 or boy 1 to 4, If anyone would like to take a look at them and suggest something that would fit them it would be nice. Could be fun too! Our site is http://www.petfinder.org/pet.cgi?act...O127&preview=1
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I did look , but some were already named . So Girl #3 could be Oreo ? Girl # 6 Pixie ? Boy # 5 TommyLee . With Girl # 4 I had a hard time .... maybe Rose , Sabine or Lulu ??? . Well I gave it a shot
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