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Hi, I'm new here

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Hi everyone,

My name is Hope. I have three cats: Snoopy (age 17), Shane (age 6),and Stanley (age 2). I also have one little Pomeranian dog, Strutter who is 4 years old. Snoopy is the love of my life, he's a blue point Siamese, and the sweetest most loving cat you would ever want to meet. Shane is a Seal point Siamese, and he's a bit more high strung, and a good deal more indedpendant. Stanley is my little Persian, he's mellow, sweet and just adorable. Strutter is a sweet little Pomeranian. He gets along great with Snoopy and Stanley, but Shane always slaps at him, when he gets too close. I have pictures of all of my animals on my website, Hope's Paul Stanley Page.

If the name Paul Stanley sounds familiar to any of you, then you are probably a Kiss fan, or at least a rock and roll fan, just like me. I'm am totally devoted to Kiss and it's charismatic front man, Paul Stanley, not to confuse Paul with the member of Kiss who has the long tongue and spits the blood, no that's Gene Simmons. Paul is the Starchild, and when he's in Kiss make up, he wears the star on his eye. Paul is just about the sexiest human male, I've ever seen!
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Welcome to the site Hope! You've got very good timing in joining. We have a special forum open with Special Guest Amy Shojai, renoun cat behaviourist/author/lecturer here to answer questions about aging cats. So if you have any questions regarding Snoopy, check out "Sharing Golden Moments".

I can definitely agree with you that Paul Stanley is HOT! Are you going to get to see the Kiss/Aerosmith tour? We're really hoping to but the tickets are ungodly expensive. But to see two legendary bands like that together would just be incredible!!!
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hi there and welcome, enjoy!!
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Hi Hope, welcome to the site! I looked at your website to find your babies' pictures! It took me awhile, but, I found them! All four of them are very cute!
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Thanks for the welcome. I probably should have said, the pictures of my fur babies, is in the section "About Me". That would have saved some time.

I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here.

As far as the Kiss/Aerosmith Tour goes, I don't know if I'm gonna go or not. I've never missed a Kiss show, and I've traveled all over the country as well as to Canada to see Kiss, however, I agree these tickets are very expensive this year, and there are no comps, plus I don't really want to go, unless I can get a good seat.
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Beautiful cats, Hope. Stanley espiecally (I'm a persian fan.)
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welcome to the boards!!
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Welcome Hope!!!

All 3 of your cats are gorgeous, But OH..MY!!!!!! Stanley is adorable!!!! ( I breed Persian-Cats you see..), What cattery did ya get him from?

Nice reading your Site

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Hi WellingtonCats, thanks for the praise of my little Stanley. It really means a lot, especially from someone who breeds Persians. The story of Stanley is kind of a triumph I think.

One of my friends, whom I met on the message board on Hope's Paul Stanley Page, and who also lives in Southern California was telling me about her friend who raises Persian's . I told her that I had always wanted a Himilayin (sp). She told me about one of her acquaintances who was trying to find a home for one of her Persian kittens (4 months old). She told me, he wasn't a Himilayin (sorry I can't spell), but that he was a very valuable Persian. Anyway, apparently, the other cats were picking on him all of the time, and that he wouldn't fight back, so the other girl was willing to give him to a good home, as long as his papers weren't included. I said sure, I'd love to have him, and that I didn't care about the papers, because all I wanted was a "pet", and that I didn't have any interest in showing him or breeding him. I just wanted a little creature I could love and give a loving home to. So, the other lady had him neutered and had my friend bring him to me, without his papers. She also sent grooming supplies which was cool as well, although I pretty much had the same grooming supplies for my Pomeranian. I called him Stanley, after Paul Stanley, because I'm wild about Paul Stanley, and because I got him from a Paul Stanley fan.

It took about a week before Stanley was comfortable in my home, but when he decided it was his home forever, he became part of the family.

I found out a couple of weeks later that my friends acquaintance had a nervous breakdown, and ended up killing all of her other Persians, which just made and still makes me sick. However, I feel that Stanley is very special because if he hadn't come to me, he would have probably had the same fate as the other cats.
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OhMy... That's such a sad story!

I'm so glad you had the pleasure of getting Stanley he really is gorgeous!

Thank you for that!


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Hi Hope! Hope you like it here,we love new member's and their cat's picture's 1 myself have 5 siamese's,one ie s blue point,his name is Grayski.
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Here is another one of him. He is the baby,only a year.
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sherral46, your Blue Point is absolutely precious. I LOVE Blue Points.

I know I'm gonna love it here.
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