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Swimmer Kittens - Flat Chested Kitten Syndrome

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Just as I thought that everything that could go wrong with Cleo's litter already had, we got a new problem. Two of the kittens had started using their back legs, standing up and even walking, but Shaun's back legs remained flat and splayed out like a seal's flukes. I started trying to massage them and position them into place a couple times a day, figuring he was just a bit behind in development and would catch up. Then I started poking around online to see what others have done for slowed leg development, which led me to finding out about "swimmer kittens" and the sometimes associated Flat Chested Kitten Syndrome. So I checked Shaun's chest and, sure enough, it's flat.

Now that I know about this, thinking back, the brown tabby that passed away when they all got their URIs must have had this as well. I have photos of him swimming, but they were blurry so I didn't use them.

I can't tell how severe Shaun's chest is, I don't think his sternum is inverted but I can't rightly tell. He is more lethargic than the other kittens, he doesn't nurse as long (so I've started supplementing him again), and he does breathe twice as fast as the others. I'll try taping his back legs together like I read one family tried with their swimmer kitten, but other than that, I don't know what more to do nor what his chances are.
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My Oreo has fcks.
She was half the size of the other kittens when I got her.
In fact I picked her because of the fcks.
She is now 2.5 years old.
Here is some info on it.
Her sister Pancake has it also.
Here is some info on it.
Sadly you may lose the other kittens also.
There are things you can try also.
Here is my brothers post from when it happened.
Oreo became my cat.
her lungs are small and her heart is tilted.
She had xrays last year.
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Thanks for posting that, I think I may try making a brace for Shaun. They will be three weeks old this weekend which was one of the thresholds mentioned in that article, so it seems his chances already are somewhat good having made it this long...
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I think the brace would help.
The fcks must have stunted Oreos growth though but I do not care.
She is hope for your kittens.
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I have a friend who's had a couple of mildly flat chested kittens. After checking with the vet, she supp fed the kitten and spent a lot of time rolling them around so they are not always laying flat on their chests.
Once they reached 12 weeks you couldn't really tell who was flat chested and who wasn't.
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