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peeing issue...

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For about a week now I've been finding spots in my room that have been used for one of the kittens to pee on. I've lost 2 blankets, 3 tshirts and a few socks (all in a laundry pile), and a pillow to this now.

Monday morning I'm taking both boys to the vet to get them checked for UTIs. I thought it would be Urraco because it's not that big of a spot that's left. However, the laundry pile one was rather large...

Also, I've NEVER had an issue with Jarama before so I assumed (being an engineer) it was whatever had recently changed. Urraco.

Well, this morning... I found Jarama dragging his ass (literrally) across the bedroom floor. I flipped him over and checked him over, nothing out of the ordinary, no redness or anything... he didnt react to me touching him anywhere with pain or discomfort...

No clue whats going on. Any thoughts based on the limited information ?

Again, both are going to go to the shelter again monday to see their vet for UTI tests. Any clue on how much that should cost ??
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Costs vary widely depanding on hwere you live. Here in West KY it cost only $25 to get checked for a UTI, but I'm sure it costs a whole lot more than that in big cities.

I am glad you are taking them to the vet. That is such an important thing to do.

Let us know what the vet says.
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Well I wanna get them checked over ... like a full physical kinda thing. But the UTI's are worrying me.

I found out that it's Urraco. My friend Amber who was watching them for me during a trip caught him going on the carpet and forgot to tell me until I brought up the vet visit in the car yesterday. So I'm going to still get both checked by now I know who to watch for.

Also cleaning the litter more often too to see if we can fix it either way...
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I think you will find that scooping daily will be very helpful. Have you read the thread on stopping inappripriate peeing? It is full of great ideas.

Let us know what the vet finds.
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Do you have more than one box? Some kitties need one for pee and one for solids. With two kitties you ahould have 3 boxes if possible.
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I currently have 2 very large boxes that take up my whole under-sink area in my bathroom. It's they're own little WC. They are cleaned daily. Peeing still occurs I just got my blankets back from the cleaners and bam... one is on the way back again already.

VET had an emergency and no one was there qualified enough to do whatever UTI test they had to do so... the boys are probably going in friday.

Are there other symptoms of a UTI ? abnormal licking ? rubbing of the butt on the floor (Jarama did this the other day)... anything else to look for in the meantime ?

I read the abnormal peeing thread... was really good and full of ideas yeah... just, I'm still a bit baffled. Have to study the problem more to narrow it down, but I've started to clean the boxes more often now and also making sure other things are more prioritized than before...
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could be impacted anal glands or parasites or any number of things- just take them to the vet to be safe and rule out problems
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Years ago I had a cat who kept peeing on the floor and who had no urinary tract problems. I too kept her litterbox under the sink. When I moved the box so that it sat next to the toilet rather than under the sink, the potty problems went away.

Perhaps the cabinet is too confining for your cats.
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I will try relocating them. What I wouldnt do for a walk in closet to convert to a kitty food and litter room right now.
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Okay, he continues to pee outside the box. I've cleaned them more often and everything, but he continues. I've noticed however he continues to pee outside the box on the blankets he originally pee'd on. I'm wondering if there is something I can wash them with to totally remove the scent. I think he's picking up minute parts of the scent and thinking thats an "okay to pee here" sign.

Thoughts ?
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Actually a bit more information available now. He continues to pee outside the litter box, but I think it's narrowed down to places he's sleeping. Almost like he's just wetting the bed, can't get to the litter in time and just figures, damn, I guess I'm going here...

That sound like a typical UTI symptom ? Have an appt to finally get him looked at with a vet today (been a rocky money time the last few weeks)... so we should have more info by the evening but... I'd feel better if someone has similar experiences and has a clue from exeperience...

I just wanna help my lil buddy get better.
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Okay. Took him to a vet who told me Urraco is too young to have a UTI, and that it's just completely in his head and something i'm doing wrong at home.

I told him I've read alot about behaviour stuff and how to possibly cure this other than medically on the internet, and he immediately doubted that I could find accurate reliable info on the net. He then began to tell me to try everything I've already tried.

When he asked me where he was peeing, I said... the sheets, blankets, laundry on the floor. Places he sleeps. Usually happens when he's sleeping infact. And the Vet immeadiately began to tell me I should never let the kittens on my bed with me. Seemed VERY annoyed that his cats ever even look at furniture... didn't want to accept that I share my living space with them nearly 100%. Oh well...

He reluctantly had the nurses give Urraco an antibiotic shot. The Vet seemed more "touchy feely" than actually wanting to approach the situation from a medical/health point of view... But, shot done, Urraco was consoled with some treats and curled up in my lap for the drive home... He's been decidedly more attached to me in the past few days since then.

I'm also giving him 1 mg (i think) of amoxil from a dropper each morning and night. The pink bubblegum smelling stuff.... and since the shot and the start of that... on our 3rd day now... no peeing.

I'm hoping it was a UTI that cleared up easily. He's happier, more active, and gets closer to people now. Very sudden change since the shot.
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I think you should change vets!!! One of my ferals is very young (less than 6 months) and developed a nasty UTI! And, I can't imagine sleeping without at least one cat in bed with me. If the pee problem has cleared up after the antibiotics, I think it proves the point that even young cats CAN develop urinary tract problems.
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Well, I think I will be consulting a different vet from now on yeah, because now 5 days into it... No issues. Urraco didn't like the eye dropper at first but I think he's realized it's making him feel better so he's cool with it now. He sleeps more now too... doesn't look at worn out all the time.

I am glad he's feeling better.
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So glad to hear that he's doing better! Kudos to you on being so persistent and determined to get past the obvious. You've got good instincts, and am so glad you went with them.
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