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dirty House? Who cares!

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I don't know about you all - my house is dirtier since I found the catsite - but I am a lot happier! :laughing:
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Gotta agree with you there! Although I've never been much of a house keeper, I used to do some cleaning during the kids' nap time, but now I use the time to get online. Even my husband, the complete slob, has been remarking about the state of our master bathroom. I love this site!

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Um, housekeeping before and after the cat site. Hmm, it's hard to tell the difference here.

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Man, I guess I am the odd man out! Of course I have a serious disorder when it comes to the house. I usually skip something else to get up here. Maybe some day there will be a cure for my problem
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I don't know about you all - my house is dirtier since I found the catsite - but I am a lot happier!

that is so sweet Debra !

someone motivate me to clean my house? seriously, it's getting nasty, and i just dont want
to take it all on

i find that i am much happier when my house is sparkling clean and tidy, so, i am trying
to keep it that way.

but, Cameron practically broke his wrist at work (a tree fell on his hand)
and i am practically immobilized with this back pain, so nothing is getting done!

arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh !!!
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I find I am spending more and more time on this site. I love it. I have never been what you call fussy but even I can see it is getting a little out of hand since being here.
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my place was cluttered before I found the cat site & now it's still cluttered!

I can always find something to do besides pick up!
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LOL! I knew Sandie would waste no time rushing over (with feather duster in hand) to a thread called "dirty house".
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I am just a lazy woman who dosen't like to clean house. My apartment has been messier even before the cat site. I am really lazy. About the only time I really clean is when I think I am having company. And since I don't own a washer and dryer, I have to take my clothes to the laundry mat. And... I have piles of clothes that Jake likes to sit on and sleep. I do clean, but every week and only the dishes and to vaccum. I think when I start to work, try and hire a maid. The worst think I hate doing is ironing. Anybody with me?
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I threw out my iron years ago!
and the ironing board........
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Iron! I am afraid that is one thing i refuse to do. My hubby has been ironing his own shirts for work for years. Its just something I hate to do. I do most of the other work around here since I stopped working.
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Actually, I feel this thread was just made for me! :laughing:
I am one of the neat freaks that you all love to hate...(me & you Sandie)
BUT.... ever since I became a moderator on here, and met all of you wonderful people....I have let things slide, that I should be doing.....just becausee I want to have the time online, with you guys!!!!!!

Hubby complains that I don't keep things as clean as I used to, and that I am always on the computer....OH WELL!!!!!! I have real friends here! Dust be damned!!!! :laughing:
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Oh, how I hate to iron...... But, the hubby is in upper management and needs his shirts and dress pants ironed....I take as much to the dry cleaners as I can, but that gets expensive after a while. It would not be so bad...he needs/wants creases down the middle and they wash out after a few washes
I have been teaching the 15 yr. old (son) how to iron and even he DOESN'T like to do creases....
I know what you are going to tell me...Make HIM do it, well we have been married almost 20 years and he knows I will get to it eventually (and hates it as much or more than I do...LOL)

So whats a poor girl to do???
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All I can say is ditto. I was never a good housekeeper. I've always preferred clutter, actually. Makes the house feel safe and homey. I could care less about dust, drips and spills in the kitchen, smudged bathroom mirror, etc.

My paycheck comes from being a cleaning lady.

Ain't life strange?
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Sorry, but that's not something with which I'm overly familiar. Mind, my home is neat insofar as things are kept in their respective places most of the time. There's no clutter. However, I'm not big on dusting, mopping, window-washing, et cetera.

Although . . . I did clean the range a few days back. You know, the drip-pans and the part underneath with the electrical wires which will electrocute me someday. Now, the oven is another matter entirely. It needs help, sooner rather than later. The micro-wave oven, too, is calling out for help in the cleaning department — so it'll be "next," because it's easier to clean than the real oven.


The toilet bowl is clean. The shower/tub thingie is not clean. The bathroom sink is not clean. The various mirrors are, well, not very dirty. The carpets need to be cleaned. I do keep an iron, but only for self-defense purposes. Guns are too loud and would frighten the cats, not to mention myself.


The "windows," which were at one time more or less transparent, have become quite opaque. Something needs to be done about that. The air inside my home is clean, thanks to the industrial-strength air-cleaning machine I bought four years ago (it runs constantly).

How's our T.M.I. factor? Okay, I'll stop now.

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I have to admit my house isn't as clean as it use to be.I was just telling my husband this gets old.The cats Montgomery and Molly tend to agree with me. They really hate the vacuum cleaner.
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My theory is that a vacuum cleaner ruins the nap in the rug!:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:
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To clean or not to clean, that is the question. Since I have retired, I probably clean less often. What's the hurry? I am very good about putting off today what can be done next week. Right now I would rather be out in my yard, mowing and weeding and planting things to make it look good. I also quilt and my opinion is: a hundred years from now maybe one of my quilts will have survived and probably the owner will not care if the maker had a clean floor or not! Don't get me wrong, I do clean but I'm not a fanatic like I used to be.
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I don't know why I care if the house is clean or not. I know my husband doesn't notice and the cats could care less. They're always trying to get into the dirtiest spots in the basement.When they come upstairs they have cobwebs all over their whiskers. I leave the basement for my husband to clean.If you couldn't tell,he doesn't do such a good job. We 'd rather be outside working in the garden. I love perennial flowers.And the cats love to chase bugs there, The only time they are allowed outside is with "adult" supervision.
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