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Tips and tricks to helping raise 4 day old kittens?

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I'm taking care of a mommy cat that doesn't seem to be all that interested in being a mommy. She is feeding them but I don't think they are getting enough. Would be be okay for me to feed them three times a day to help take the burden off of her? She is not eating and I have to force feed her four times a day. She finally had a bowel movement yesterday. I have contacted many vets and they all say it is stress related and not to move her for awhile and just make sure she is eating.

So any one have any tips, tricks, or links on how I can help mom to raise the little ones? I'm hoping she will snap out of it. If she doesn't hubby and I are just going to have to make arrangements to become full time cat mommies. My dad is a teacher and home in the summer so he might be able to help. I also have a friend that is a stay at home mom that might be able to take over mommy duties during the day well we are working. She has actually hand raised before, I'm just hoping it doesn't have to come to that.

Also how soon can I give them kitten glop? I'm goign to find that thread now and do some reading.
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I think i'm going to try some baby food out on mommy to. Although she even turned her nose up at tuna.
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Depending on how old they are, they will need to be fed more than 3-4 times a day. more like 5-6 if they are really young and every 2 hours if they were just newly born.

KMR is what they need because of the vitamins and nutrients. The mom could just be very ill which is why she isn't caring for her kittens. Is she still sneezing? You will also have to take over stimulating their bottoms so they will eliminate.
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she stopped sneezing and drooling, now she just gets running eyes when I'm feeding her. She is starting to look healthy, I'm just concerned that she is not giving them enough of what they need. I bought a scale today and 3 cans of kmr (that stuff is EXPENSIVE!! 4.49 a can!) I'm going to go to there weights now.
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the calico is 3.3oz
the tortie is 3.8oz
and the black is 3.2 oz

I beleave they were born on wednesday.
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They are the right weight for their age, obviously they are getting enough. When they are a week old, they should double their weight. I am guessing that they were born at that weight. Good luck with the babies and momma!
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How are the kittens doing this morning???
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the calico and the black one aren't going over to mom any more. I think they have given up. Rich and I keep pushing her on her side and putting them with her to nurse. They are going to have to be hand raised. Rich is seeing if the girls at work can feed them during the day, if not then they will be coming to work with me
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