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Anyone ever order pizza online?

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I did last night! Steve wasn't here all day yesterday, so I decided to order a pizza online here...they had it here in like 20 minutes...it was quick I say!! the quickest ever!!! Papa Johns is where we got it from...
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Too Cool! I didn't know you could do that. I love the internet
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Oh no! Yet one more reason never to leave the house!
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that is so convenient! I can't believe they offer that..
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I use the online service whenever we get Papa John's. Never had a problem with it and it's actually easier to order since you don't have to get someone on the phone, get put on hold or anything like that.
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I tried once with Pizza Hut, only to find out via a phone call right afterwards that we were *two blocks* away from their delivery area!!! Grrrr!!!!!
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Papa John's online ordering rocks! Especially on the occasions where they have good website coupons. The online site never puts you on hold, and if you're ordering for more than a few people, you can sit there and discuss options while you browse toppings and extras. Also, since they send you an email that gives you the tax-included price, you won't forget the price while you hunt for your money or checkbook.
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I use Pizza Hut's occassionally and I love it. Haven't tried Papa Johns. Didn't know they had one so now I"ll have to check it out too!
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Yup, we order from Pizza Hut and Papa Johns. Very convenient, and I love the fact, like Lola pointed out, that you can take your time deciding on what you want without having a pissy teenager on the other end of the phone.
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I love ordering online form Papa John's! I just ordered a Chicken Alfredo pizza last night. So good. :flash:
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Thanks for the idea Kathy... I ordered pizza online for the first time tonight. It was Papa Johns too.
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I never knew you could even do such a thing! All we've got is Pizza Hut here and I know they(at least ours anyway) don't do the internet thing because my brother works there. I'll definitely remember that when I move to the big city!
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hmmm wonder if they will deliver to australia?

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