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You haven't mentioned it in a while, and so I wanted to ask how you, hubby, and baby Ron are doing. How is the pregnancy and such going? I know you are an extremely busy lady. Hope all is going well your way.
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Thanks for asking Cassie! I do visit the lounge everyday but I usually can't find the time to post much...

We're all fine - thank you! Hubby's feeling much better - looks like what he had was related to a nasty CMV infection with long lasting effect so he is slowly coming out of it.

Ron is growing by the day! He is finally beginning to talk - a late developer in that aspecthe only says 5-6 words (and he's 17 months old). In all other aspects he is way ahead of his peers though He is going to be a tall one like mommy and daddy, already towering well above toddlers who are a year or two older. He's very athletic and his motoric skills are amazing (ok ok - I am biased ).

As for Ron's little brother, he's growing too! I'm now almost 5 months pregnant and I can feel him moving inside We think we're going to call him Guy by the way. Guy has a beautiful meaning in Hebrew - a poetical word for valley.

Other than that, it's work work work! I'm working at the new design for TCS hopefully we'll launch it by September, well ahead of my due date
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Awwww! I'd love to see pictures of Ron! I can tell you're a proud mommy, as you should be!

I've known one or two people named Guy. It's pretty unique, and I looove unique names. I had no idea that it meant that in Hebrew though. Have you decided on a middle name?

Can't wait to see TCS with a new "face lift"!

Glad your hubby is getting better Anne, and don't work yourself too hard. Take some 'me' time and relax now and then.

(Btw, that "me" time applies to you too Hissy.)
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