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Suki paid a visit to the vets last week for a dental check, she was given an injection and some anti-biotics for a slight gum infection. The tablets are Stomorgyl and since taking them she has been bringing up her food. We stopped the antibiotics and she stopped being sick, so she must be allergic to the medication, although I will be talking to the vet to try and change her meds.

This morning she has started sneezing alot, although she's very playful and like her usual self, eating well, using the litter etc this sneezing is becoming a little worrying. I can't take her to the vet today as it's not open but I will be booking her in in the morning.

Suki is vacinated against cat flu and the other nasty cat killer viruses.

Any one else experienced this?
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Howdy BuNN!

Long time, no see.
I once had a cat who had a bad reaction to her antibiotics. Other than the sneezing, she had all of the symptoms you describe.

I wonder whether your cat's immune system is down which made her more vulnerable to catching a cold. Hmmmm....I hope the sneezing goes away soon.

Sorry I don't have other ideas. I really just wanted to say hello! Oh...I liked your kitty army! I think you should bring them back!
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Thanks for the info. Suki is now on a different type of anti-biotic, Synolox, which is what she's had before with no problems. The vet gave her 2 jabs and a thermometer up her bum. She's apparently in great health.

Slight infection in the conk
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