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I have posted periodiaclly about my sweet little Pearl, and since she has made some remarkable progress, thought I would share. She came to me as a badly abused kitten, and has been very shy and skittish her whole 3 years. Yesterday was her birthday. Since we moved in to a big house a few months ago, she has been doing better and better. She has discovered that she loves to be brushed, and DEMANDS to be brushed every evening. She has begun to stand up for herself, and is allowing Georgia to bully her less and less. She now eats with the other cats and will not allow them to take her food. She likes the cat tree, but had been afraid to try to get on it very much, because Georgia did not allow it. Last night she smacked Georgia in the head, and took over the whole cat tree. She allowed Fred to join her, but Georgia didn't even try. She has begun to cuddle with me at night again, and when I was sick a few days ago, she laid on my pillow and groomed my head while I slept. Georgia came up and tried to stare her down, but Pearl wrapped her little paws in my hair and stood her ground. She is also warming up to my s/o, and loves to have him brush her, too. She may just become a mama's girl after all.
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Aww that is so wonderful
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that was such a sweet story, i am happy that she is doing better, i say you go girl, now she can know what life is surpose to be like for her you have done a wonderful job with her it sounds like
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I am so happy Pearl is progressing wonderfully as she is! She sounds like a big affectionate ball of furrr!!!!!
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Rebecca you have made giant leaps of progress with that little girl! Pearl is very lucky that you (and your daughter) found her. She's well on her way to a very well-adjusted life, even if it did take 3 years to get there.
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Sounds like Pearl has made some really great progress. Yay!
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