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My poor Baby Girl we had to make an ER visit to the vet today. She had started to lose weight and wasn't acting like herself for the last 2 days, so I told my husband we needed to go to the vet he agreed. We got there and the Dr. ask what had been different I told him that about 1&1/2 weeks ago I had put Bio-Spot on her, he said that, that was not good and has caused a lot of problems for a lot of kittens and cats. Heres what he said happened I put the Bio-Spot on her, she licked it, and this caused her to become poisoned by it. How can they sell something that can hurt our babies? The vet had to give her fluids Sub Q C, a shot and some medicine to come home with called Rebound she has to take this every hour and a half. The Bio-Spot had caused her to quite eating, lose weight, and dehydrated her. The vet had said he didn't believe she would have lasted much longer and that is not out of the woods yet. Please send healthy kitty vibes for Baby Girl. Sorry for the long post, I am just so upset about this Bio-Spot.
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I am so sorry you had to go through this with your cat. But I hear this type of story over and over again and sometimes the outcome is dreadful. The over the counter flea medications should never be used! Cheaper does not mean better, it means they cut the stuff with other agents that make it more toxic even watered down so they can fill more vials and sell more product! Even treatments bought over the internet at discount prices are not the same as what your vet orders. Your vet has the responsibility to order the original product and if he doesn't it is his liability to take care of any problems that come up.

Why do they sell them? Because they make money selling them and they don't give a damn if they are unsafe or not- until they get caught! If I were you, I would get copies of your vet's notes on the visit and treatment and write a letter that is not emotional, but factual to the corporation and demand they reimburse you.

Good luck with your cat!
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OH NO! I do hope that your baby Girl gets better soon. It's horrible that products on the market can be unsafe for cats and kittens. I just hope that your lil one will make a quick recovery and that maybe with your post, it will prevent someone from doing the same thing.
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The writing the letter really sounds like a good ideal. After talking to the vet today, I am not going to try the cheaper stuff again. Baby Girl had an appointment for July 11 to get spayed, now it has to be canceled for 2 weeks or a month, depends on how quickly she gets her health back, however I thank God that I could tell that she just wasn't acting normal.
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Thanks, that was the main reason I had posted about it. I was so upset that as soon as I got home I went over and told my dad not to use any over the counter meds on his newly adopted cat.
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Im very sorry to hear this and glad you got her to the vet in time. I also hear many, many similar incidences of this with various over the counter flea products...wish they would all be taken off the market. Its scary and sad to know that there are many uninformed pet owners out there buying these products.
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Baby Girl is doing so much better today, she has even being playing with the little kitten who she normally does not like very much.
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I'm glad to hear she's doing better. How do these products get FDA approval?
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I'm glad Baby Girl is better!

I just did an internet search for "bio spot reaction" and came up with a LOT of sites - apparently even dogs react badly to it.

scary...guess not enough animals have been harmed yet to take it off the market.
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hope little sweet make full playful kitten recovery
since play with little kitten she does well to i thinks
she on her kitty way to be healthy again
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Here's the picture of Baby Girl. The last one didn't show up. She looks so pitiful being sick. She is starting to eat a little, and is still taking her Rebound every hour and a half.
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awwww...poor little Baby!
She is lovely, though, even when she's not feeling well. What beautiful markings! Keep us posted...hope she's getting better quickly.
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I am so glad she is on the mend and thank you for advising others about the horrors of "Bio Spot" - Hope this safes the lives of other wee ones.

Give her plenty of {{{{{{{{{kisses}}}}}}}}] for me.
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Poor baby
How is she now?
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