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I just bought a digital camera!

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I cannot afford a new digital camera,like I had before but shell's post about wish she had on,I thought will why not get a cheap one for right now,just to take picture's of the cat's to post here? And save to get the one I want! So I went to e-bay and got a new one for $18.75!It should be here by next weekend! Shell you should check into one like this for now!! I will be posting my cats picture's soon !!!!! Look out!!!
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YAY! You finally got one! Can't wait to see pictures Sherral!
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I am so glad you finally got your camera Can't wait for pictures
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Wow that is CHEAP! How did you manage that!
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Congrats! Can't wait to see the pics!
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Waiting to see pictures
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They had a really nice HP digital camera on QVC today, it was 139.00 and they had it on 3 easy pay payments. It looked really nice, I think it was a 2.1 with a 4x zoom and a movie mode also. I was flipping channels and I caught the demo on it.
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It was so cheap because it only has 1 pixel,I am only going to use it to take close up's of the cat's.I am still going to get a real good one to take good pictures of the kids.
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congrads. on your camera, i can tell your excited, im excited for you looking forward to seeing pics. of your fur babies.
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Congratulations, looking forward to kitty pics.
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Yay ! Grats Sherral
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hey, at least you got your digital camera! I can't wait to see pics though!!
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Great for you! You'll be a digital shutterbug soon.

Might I suggest you invest in some good rechargeable batteries? Digitals consume batteries like you wouldn't believe! I suggest buying two times as many batteries than your camera needs. That way you can have one set charging while you're using the other.

Also, make sure you have a way to get the pics off your camera and onto your 'puter. Some cameras may do this with a supplied cable, others need a card reader for this purpose. I use a ScanDisk reader. If you need a device for transferring your picks, double check the type of ram stick you're particular camera uses before you head off to buy something.

Happy shooting to you!
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Congrats Girl, I knew how much you wanted one

Happy Camera Shooting!
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