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Be a Good Dad

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1) Michael: mm... I should be a good Dad..

2) Michael: I'd train my kid to climb tree everyday...

3) Take Sun Bath with my kittens..

4) Michael: teach my kittens to use litterbox
Kitten on left: What's that smile?
Michael: Shut up...

5) Kitten: Wow, Dad's waste is much bigger... How disgusting...
Michael: Only Great Cat can make it this big...

6) Kitten in Middle: One day... I hope I can make a S___ as big as Dad's..

7) Michael: What? You want milk???

8) Michael: Go to your Mum...

9) I guess I can't be a good Dad...

Visit http://kitten.berryidea.com/tcs for more pictures
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OMG that was so cute

Michael is a good Dad and a beautiful cat besides. Love the babies!
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What a cute story! And I love the name Michael for a cat. Your web site is very impressive too.
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I love the photos - what great storytelling!

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LOL how adorable!!!!!!!
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AAAWWW!! That was soooo cute! Thanks for sharing.
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That was great! Love the storyline, but love the pictures the best! You're cats are beautiful and those kittens are just precious!
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What a great picture story! (And just plain great pictures)
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LOL funny story and beautiful cats.
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they are beautiful!!! i would love to hold one of those kittens, they are so sweet, i also loved your web site, very creative
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Too cute! I also checked out your website, very nice!
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Thanks for all of your responses - your comments make Michael, all kittens and I happy for a whole weeks.

I have updated my site with new videos and photos, these videos are (I think) funny. Worth the time to browse.

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Beautiful kitties! And I love the story too. Especially the part where he teaches them how to use the litter box!
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I checked out your site and watched every video and clicked on and checked out everything and signed your guest book, good work!
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your kitties are so cute and what an adorable story line lol
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My goodness...... I just saw this and it's so adorable!!!
It's so sweet... all the little kitties watching at the kitty litter...
So sweet.
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