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Vanilla Extract

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I have been reading about putting vanilla extract under the chin and the tip of the tail of kittens. How many times a day should I do this? I'm hoping this will make the cats (I have a new addition to the family) become more loving towards each other. Thanks.
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Twice a day should be fine
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Does this really work? Do you use it on all the cats or just the new one? This is fascinating! Please, tell me more.
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Basically when you introduce a new cat into the house you will do it in steps and one is to make all the cats smell alike. If you put vanilla on bottoms and noses every thing smells the same and less stress from strange smells for all. This is done to all the cats in the house.
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Not their bottoms- the base of the their tail. As cats are scent driven and they smell nose and tail, this just makes them smell the same and lessens the stress that they go through when they smell something different.
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