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I am -so- bored. Craig is sleeping. He stayed up all night, yet again. Sigh. Now, on my days off he'll end up going to bed early or something. Men!

I'm thinking about going to get some Jamba Juice and maybe just riding around. It's a beautiful day today, and as I type there is a humming bird fluttering around the office window taunting the cats. Bastian is making that chittering noise because he's anxious and wants that bird NOW!
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Now was that helpful?
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MA, they get cuter every day, I swear!

They look so nice and healthy now! Bless your heart!
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MA, you sure do know how to make a girl's day. Those three are so irresistable. Give em snuggles from me. They look so curious and playful! How is beautiful Blink doing? She showing any signs of improvement yet? I'm keeping her in my thoughts.
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The first picture makes me grin so. They're like 3 peas in a pod! I keep going back and looking at them.
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She (knock on wood) is getting better. She is capable of climbing up to the top of the cat post (6 feet tall) but once up there, she used to cry until one of us would get her down. Now, she has figured out how to get down on her own, though it is slower than her sisters. That is a major improvement!
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Meeting my head cat-
Wink is keeping a chair between them for safety! LOL
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It's very quiet here this evening.
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I'm having a pretty frusterating time...

Our friends invited us to go camping and waterskiing for the weekend. So Darrell and I each take an extra day off work and have everything ready when they call and say "there's a 70% chance of rain, so maybe we'll go up tomorrow just for the day". Us, being pretty bummed, decide to go to my grama's for the weekend thinking they are gonna cancel tomorrow too because they're 'wusses' for being afraid of a little rain. So the next day we call and they say we'll go out to dinner and have some drinks. After humming and hawing over it we decide to come back early from my grama's and now we're waiting for them to call. We've left two messages on their answering machine and I'm sitting here with my make-up done and my hair done....

They better call soon or I'm gonna be royally pi$$ed that I came back from my grama's early for nothing!

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MA, isn't that Taz supervising the kittens? OMG She's so BIG!!! I remember when she was that itty-bitty...

I'm a total vegetable tonight. Been working on the computer all day after a whole week of running myself ragged. And I have to leave at 6:30 in the morning tomorrow, have a quasi-meeting tomorrow afternoon, hopefully will be able to make our Save Samoa meeting, work through lunch on Monday so I can leave early to see Pirates of the Caribbean so I won't get home until at least 10:00. *sigh* I'm going to bed soon!

Tamme, that sucks about your friends doing that. We have friends like that too, and we ended up just telling them when we were going out and if they were there they were. Actually they were part of 3 couples who always used to get together and do stuff. They don't even get invited anymore because there will always be another excuse.
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Yep that's Taz girl. She doesn't quite know what to do now that she is no longer the baby of this family. What she doesn't know is she will always be my baby!

It has been computer busy over here- but that's it. Fireworks are going off prompting Kenai to go hide in the shower again. The Triplets have totally trashed our living room! LOL
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Dan went to work just a little while ago. Third shift is the pits. I still have a few papers to write for my class. We're going to see fireworks tomorrow night so this could be a late night for me.

MA, those are great pics, as usual.

Tamme, I hope your friends called. I hate when people are unreliable like that.
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Tamme, did they ever call or do you have some hides to tan?
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They are so funny when they make that sounds....mine do it when they are trying to get a fly...birds too, but mostly for flies..
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Taz & The Triplets are very cute!
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