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Are your cats tattooed or microchipped?

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JC's ears are tattooed, but the tattoos are fading, so I just made an appointment to get him microchipped, too. Has anybody else done both?
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We just found a place that micro-chips for $24.00 and we got a $5.00 off coupon to boot.

I always get my kittens done before they leave the house. I just have to get most of the adults done now.

It gives me peace of mind knowing if they ae stolen or lost they can be returned home with positive ID.
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Well I said both, because on the paperwork from the humane society it says "shaved tatto/scar seen" Though, I'm not quite sure what that means, But I know for sure she is micrchipped
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Do the kittens' new guardians re-register them, or how does that work? As far as I know, there's some kind of international microchip registry - if anybody has the web address, I'd appreciate it if they'd send it to me. In Germany, the pet owners/guardians/caregivers have to register the animals themselves. I have addresses for two German registries, but since I can't rule out JC's traveling with us to the U.S. in the not-too-distant future, an international registration wouldn't be a bad idea.
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wow is $24 around the norm?? I have been thinking about geting roro microchipped but figured it was like $100 or something.. For $24 I could do it tomorrow.. or maybe not tomorrow because it's sunday, but I could start calling around this week.. Do vets do it or do u go somewhere else?
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I didn't know you could put a tatoo on our cats..how do you go about doing that?
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Originally posted by annabelle33
wow is $24 around the norm?? I have been thinking about geting roro microchipped but figured it was like $100 or something.. For $24 I could do it tomorrow.. or maybe not tomorrow because it's sunday, but I could start calling around this week.. Do vets do it or do u go somewhere else?
Microchipping is very cheap.. much less than spaying even! I think you could go to your local humane society to do this so that they'll be registered in the county. But you could probly get it done at the vets too, call around!
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None of my cats have tattooes or microchips, but since I'll be moving to a big city in the near future I do plan on getting them microchipped. I don't even think it's done in my small community and if so, I bet it would cost a fortune. Somethings are just outragously priced in small communities, but then other things are dirt cheap. Doesn't make sense to me.
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I have Peaches chipped. Here in Utah most cats have it done before they are adopted out. Even if you walk in off the street it's only $25 to have your cat microchipped. If you took a stray off the street it's half price.
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The cat is tattooed under general anesthesia, so people usually have that taken care of when the cat is being neutered. In Germany, both ears are tattooed: one ear has the abbreviation of the county and the year, the other has the vet's initials and a serial number. The tattoos are hard to read if the cat has dark ears, and tend to fade with time. The microchipping is "just" a matter of a shot in the back of the neck. I've been trying to have JC microchipped for three years (he is horrible at the vet's, utterly vicious), and I'm hoping that this time it will finally work out without bloodshed. I have an appointment with both vets next Friday (the assistants won't stay in the same room as JC), and they'll be standing ready with long sleeves, protective goggles (he plays skunk) and gloves. I guess we're all planning on having a nervous breakdown afterwards. Have you ever seen one 13 lb. cat beat up three grown women?
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LOL! I do hope that the Vet Visit goes better this time!
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omg LOL!!

How bout a mobile vet??
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Originally posted by jcat
Have you ever seen one 13 lb. cat beat up three grown women?
I bet that's a site! When Peaches was chipped she didn't bat an eye. In fact she looked bored to tears! She just looked up at me when the tech was finished like she was saying, "are we done yet? can we get out of this god forsaken place?"
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We've tried that - it seems to be worse when the vet "invades" JC's personal turf. Our last cat was a feral who didn't tolerate being touched - and he was much better than JC at the vet's. Other than the annual vet's visit, he's great, but I have nightmares for about two weeks before his shots are due.
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Buddy is the only one chipped. The Humane Society does it on every cat and dog, now.
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I plan on asking my vet about microchipping when I take Ivo in for her yearly visit. My main concern is that there is no nation-wide system of microchipping-since there are several companies making chips and readers, you can't be assured that a chip from company A can be read by a reader from company B. Also, since I live in a very suburban/urban area, there is a county-wide pound as well as city animal control offices. The pound might have the ability to check for chips, but I'm pretty sure the Shaker Heights animal control doesn't (and if Ivo got out, that's where she'd likely end up).
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I think microchipping is a great idea. I am getting Indie done when he gets neutered. I am not sure about tatooing though, it seems a bit cruel.
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My cat is microchidded
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the human society in Melbourne does it automatically on adoption and its covered in the cost of the cat.

I assume this is a standard thing these days throughout the world

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Charli and Mickey are both microchipped, as for tattoos the only ones they have in their ear is one that says they are sterilized!
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We've done neither... our issues re: microchipping are what Christy has already mentioned. I love the idea of having our cellphone number tatooed in their ears though... I'm afraid to hurt them. They're indoor only cats, but you just never know what might happen....
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Max is an indoor cat only. The only time he goes outside is to go to the Vet's office and then he is in a carrier. Do you think I should still get him microchipped?
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Neither of my kitties are microchipped or tattooed. I figure that there is no need to have them microchipped since they are indoor cats. Although, I guess it never hurts to have that just incase...I would DIE if one of them ran away and never came back.
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Sounds like my daughters adopted cat. He is know as the horrible cat at the vet.

Horribly, he doesn't go often.
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Our cat is an indoor cat that gets taken outside on a leash. The humane society I adopted him from required tattooing - I had to give them proof of neuterung and tattooing as soon as it was done (at 6 months). I feel better having him identifiable, just in case he should get out by himself and get lost. One of his brothers, an indoor-only cat, managed to get through a screen on the second storey and climb down some sort of plant. Luckily he was found right away, but these things can happen. Another thing to keep in mind is that laboratories supposedly do not take animals that are tattooed or microchipped.
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All of my pets are microchipped, in addition to their (safety) collars & tags, even though the cats stay indoors. You can never be 100% sure they'll never get outside, and I used to live near Animal Control downtown (a horrible place - our city has the highest euthanasia rate in Texas - so many people here just let their animals run free & breed ). If they ended up at the pound, I knew they'd be scanned.

Does anyone know of any other (more visible) means of permanent identification? Is there a national tatoo registry? I thought I saw something a while ago about ear tags - anyone know more about it?

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I voted neither.

Nobody in New Zealand gets there cats Micro-chipped or tattoed.
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When I adopted my cat from the shelter she was microchipped. Linda
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After reading about the breeder who came home to find someone had taken all her cats/kittens I decided to get mine chipped. Mine is through American Kennel Club or AKC you can find out about then through their web site.
I also worry about them getting out if there is a natural disaster. Tornado, earth quake, fire, flood, ect. This could lead to them getting out and running for their life. None of my neighbors know my cats as they stay inside all the time. This way they are able to find their way home.
I have been told that shelters cannot put an animal down if it has been chipped, they are required to find the owners.
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I don't know how you feel about sedatives, but sometimes the vet can give you a sedative to give your kitty at home prior to his appointment, to help make him a little easier to handle.
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