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Signature Sticky?

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I was just curious if there was anyway we could get a sticky thread on how to post Signature pictures? I've noticed a lot of people asking how to do that and thought this might help them out. I thought the sticky thread about Posting Pictures was great and quite helpful to new members...so I thought it would be even better to have one about signatures.

Just a thought to play with!
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If you go to the New Cats on the Block forum I believe there is info there. Also, under Super Duper important threads in the lounge, there is a thread with computer questions answered, and I'm sure its there as well. Hope this helps.
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Thanks Daniela! I know how to do the signature thing, but I just thought it might be easier for the new members to find & understand the procedures of doing that. I've gone through the Computer Questions Answered thread and it's quite long. I thought the How to Post a Picture thread was very detailed and thought it would be great to have one for the Signatures too.
Just a suggestion though!
Thanks again!
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Shell, that's a good idea. I will add a post to the How to Post Pictures thread on how to do it in your signature. That way it's easy to reference people to.
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Thanks Heidi!
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Great idea. When I was new here, I didn't see all those other threads. I did see the one about pictures and I think I printed it so I could see how while I was doing it.
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