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My 700th post

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This is it, folks: my 700th post!!!!

I must be dedicated to this place, because I have been banging my head against the monitor all this month over the slow speed of dial-up after a year with the comfort of cable.

Long live the Cat Site and all the wonderful people here.

(Hmm, Super Cat. Now where have I packed away my tights and cape? They must be in one of these boxes I still have around here somewhere....)
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WOW - That is quite an accomplishment!


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With my spelling of congratulations on my last post, one would think I had a to celebrate for you!
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Deb25: 700 Posts, a New House Cats in the Closet and a Slow Connection

"You deserve a Lo-o-o-o-ong Drink"

Keep yapping, Here's to 700 more. . . .
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Hooray and congratulations! Seven-hundred posts! May you make many, many more posts!

A sense of humor is a precious commodity, one which you evince constantly. Thank you!


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Ok, Joe, where's the appropriateness of THAT image? I mean, after all, if I was doing THAT, I certainly wouldn't be doing THIS!

*Deb hooks Borg implants to computer*
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That's an artist's rendering (look for small hole in ceiling) of you studying the instruction manual on Borg implants. We know, from constant surveillance, you've been planning this Borg take-over for some time now.

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After 700 posts, obviously, "resistence is futile".
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Wow Deb - Super Cat, that's pretty cool! Keep 'em coming!

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WOW! I think your one of the first to crest this you SUPER :flash:
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WAY TO GO DEB (or should i say) SUPER CAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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:pinky: Congratu-atu-lations! :pinky:
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:clown: :jarswim:
Well now you have no choice but to make them 7000 Super Cat!!!
:clown: :jarswim:
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I hate showing up late to a party!

anyway congrads!!!!!

it's quite an accomplishment that you could move & achieve 'super cat' status all at the same time!

:blubturq: :blubturq:
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Deb....I feel like TLK now.... I had this totally witty, wonderfully appreciative post all made....ready to hit send reply.....and the dang thing messed up on me!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway..... the jist of what I said was that I am really glad you have joined us and that I have met you, and....crap... .....the original was SO much better!


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