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Death Sentence.

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Okay, I agree with the Death Sentence. However I recall something that happened last year that I wanted to ask you guys about.

Do you guys remember the name of the guy who killed his neighbor's daughter? Westerfield was his name? He was tried and found guilty? It happened here in California. Anyway, his sentencing could have been Life in Prison without option for parole, or the Death Sentence.

I was conflicted here.

Yes, what this man did was henious. No, I don't think he should be allowed to live. However, LOOK at the history of the California Death Penalty please. California has executed 11 people since the state reinstated the death penalty in 1978 — but none were actually put to death until 1992. The last man executed in the Golden State, Stephen Wayne Anderson, spent more than 20 years on death row before he was killed on Jan. 29 of last year, according to the California Department of Corrections. Mandatory appeals are expected to delay the sentence by years, if not decades.California has the nation's largest death row, with 613 inmates condemned to die, yet only one execution was carried out in 2002.

Do you realize that this man will likely die of natural causes while sitting on death row. Many of the prisoners on Death Row die of natural causes before they are put to death. They are allowed numerous appeals, and because of the shortage for appeal lawyers working for the state, most prisoners sit on DR a good 5-10 years before they even GET a lawyer to process an appeal for them, which in return delays the execution another 10+ years. Do you see where I"m going here?

If you aren't going to actually execute people, put them in a maximum security prison. Let them WORK in that prison to give BACK to the taxpayers that are PAYING to feed them. I'd much rather see these people on death row that won't be executed in a prison working. They can be cleaning their prison, washing inmates clothes, (doing menial things so that the prison wouldn't have to hire janitors, kitchen staff, etc.). They can put balls/chains around their ankles, have guardmen with them that have german shepard dogs with them. Send them out to clean our streets.. etc.

Put them to use, so that they can give back to the community. Rather than let them sit in a cell on deathrow for 20+ years while never getting executed -- tax payers paying $20.00+ per prisoner per day there - so this prisoner can have dinner.

They need to 1) Either get off their ass and actually start executing or 2) No longer enact the death penalty in the state of California.

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I think they need to get off their ass and start executing. These worthless excuses for human beings were tried and convicted, and it is ridiculous that they sit around for so long. They should get all the work out of them that they can while they are on death row.
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I agree with both of you!
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Gee, there seems to be an overabundance of lawyers in California for every OTHER purpose.... Based on the general politics of California, they should just abolish it all together. They have no problem having the DR inmates sit there for 5-10 years before an appeal, becuase they don't really want to execute them. Based on their record of executions, they don't plan on carrying out many sentences in the near future either. It's on the books and they must feel like they don't have enough votes to repeal it, so they find their own ways around it.
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The best argument for a life sentence without possibility of parole, in lieu of the death penalty, is the cost. Still, the death penalty satisfies society's desire for revenge. I personally would like to see the death penalty reserved for serial killers and mass murderers/terrorists. Lock the others up and let them drudge away for the rest of their natural lives.
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I think they should have went throught with it sooner. Why let them sit there for 15 years and eat up our tax dollars!
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There are no hired cooks, launderers, or janitors in prisons. The work is all done by prisoners. This includes all yard work, librarians, and nearly every other menial job there.

I think they should send the guys on Death row out to fight our wars. Why destroy the lives and minds of our best and brightest young men when these killers are able to do the same job? We pay millions on the prisons and on the millatary. We should empty our prisons and send those man and women out without pay. They get food and other benifits our servicemen and women get, just no money compensation. It would save BILLIONS of tax dollors.

It has been proven that most of the men and women in prison have some sort of mental illness, others not allowed in the millatary have physical defects. When all the healthy young men go to war, that leaves only the mentally ill/infirm in the gene pool. I feel that is a very depressing scenerio.

I suffer from depression and have seen first hand how destructive it is up close and personal. I'm afraid this country is slowly going over to the dark side.

Ok I'm done with the sermon now you can all go home.
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I realize that prisoners in regular prisons do the laundry, dinner serving, library tasks.. etc. However the prisoners on DR don't partake in any of it. They never get to leave their cell. Ever. They should have to work like everyone else. Whether they are on Death Row or not.

They should be repaying the tax payers in some form while they sit 20+ years in DR to wait to be executed or die of natural causes while waiting.

I'm not too sure about sending them out to war. We need smart and disciplined men and women in battle. In wars at this present age it is more brain than brawl. I don't know if I could trust a mass murderer in a tank to defend our country. *Shudder* I'd be paranoid that he'd turn on us and start killing fellow troops of his own country.

Hell, the clean, good, honorable military men and women over seas were turning on eachother. There was that one american troop that set off the grenade in a tent filled with his fellow troop members.

No, I think I'd rather have someone that is honorable and trustworthy out there with weapons of mass destruction, and powerful weapons defending our country.
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I am a firm believer in the death penalty. The process does need to be streamlined. The first appeal, to the state's highest court is automatic.

If that appeal is denied, it goes to the US District Court of Appeals. After the District, the Supreme Court of the US gets it. They choose to hear very few death pnealty appeals. An attorney has to come up with a novel approach, to the law, to be heard.

IMO, once the full round of appeals has been completed and denied, that should be the end of it. The execution should take place within two weeks after the Supreme Court's denial.

As it stands now, anyone can file an appeal, on someone else's behalf. This can occur, even when the convicted person does not cooperate and is willing to be executed. This bit of procedure needs to be done away with, too.
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I wouldn't object to them being used for medical research or pharmaceutical trials. Most of them are used to strange drugs, anyway. Perhaps, they could be used as crash-test subjects.
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