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I hope everyone's pet survived the fireworks

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I spent the majority of the time out in the pasture trying to keep the horses calm. Kenai spent the night trembling in the shower and Wink Blink and Nodd spent the night under the bed. Mike who was sleeping through the racket had 8 cats under the covers with him! LOL
But everyone is accounted for today.

Anne was telling me in Israel you cannot light off fireworks without a license, which you have to obtain from the fire department. Be nice if it worked that way here as well.
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That indeed would be nice if they could only be set off with a licence. Kahu is deaf so they didnt bother him. Peedoodle hid under the armchair for a little while when we went outside, but when we came back in, he was fine, I think he gets scared when hes alone. Poor sweetheart, I made it up to him with extra scritches and kisses.
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They didn't seem to bother Rock and Fluff at all that I noticed, but I did leave the tv on and some fans going on high before we left to go to sil's house last night..we watched them shoot a bunch of fireworks ovet there...They had so many we left before it was even over...didn't get home till around 11:00 last night.
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in PA you can't set off or even own fireworks without a license, people have to drive to a neighboring state and illegally transport them back. In the cities it's regulated but where I live everyone sets them off and the only way u get caught is if someone calls the cops on you.. This guy went up to my bf yesterday at work and tried to sell him a full stick of dynamite. Of course he said no because he knows I hate anything that could blow someone up.. But it's not hard to get ahold of them as long as it's just a state by state thing, if it were a US thing it might be a little better.

My roxygo made it thru the night ok He doesn't seem to mind fireworks but he was hiding thru the storm that blew thru last night.
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We're all accounted for here! Harry and Maggie are up and silly as can be this morning, and I saw every feral kitty I feed this morning as well ... boy were they hungry! Probably because they were in hiding all day yesterday ...
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All of my guys were okay!! My parents dog likes to watch fire works.
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I live in Michigan where it is legal to buy fireworks but illegal to set them off. Is that stupid or what. People still set them off and they will continue to do so for the next week. I was staying at my mothers house because she is on vacation but Hubby was home w/ our animals and said that the noise did not even phase them. My mom's cat on the other hand hid under the bed most of the evening and my mom's dogs barked the entire night. (one of her yorkies is 14 and seems to be going crazy so she must have thought that someone was knocking on the door because she kept barking and running to the door. The other yorkie just barks because tabitha is.)
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my little copeland wasn't fazed at all, and it's hard to tell with the other 2 as they tend to hide when there aren't any fireworks!
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There were people setting off stuff until 1 a.m. in my neighborhood. I think Squirt must have gotten used to it after awhile, because he was out to greet me at the door when I got home. Nothing bothers Joey, except for the one outside cat that comes into my yard and meows at my windows to get him going. They say these fireworks are illegal in Florida, but there is a roadside stand selling them every 5 feet.
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Personal fireworks are illegal in AZ, too. We went out to see the city's display. It was severasl miles from the house so I think that everyone was OK. The cats are always inside and we put the dogs in the house.

Tonight will be the test - fireworks at the baseball park 1/2 mile from the house. We're going to sit in the front yard, for those and the backyard is tightly fenced. If either dog freaks out, we'll bring them in.
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Personal fireworks used to be illegal in MN too, but the law has been changed and certain types are allowed now. Several different neighbors were setting off fireworks around 11 p.m. last night, and the noise didn't seem to bother Snowball.
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the fire works doesnt seem to bother my 2 boys after a few goes off, they are afraid at first but i guess they realize that they are safe and then there okay.
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I wasnt home when the fireworks were probly going off, but I was lighting some little whistling spinning lighted ones on my patio and Zoey was watching intently..
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Ours just got over a few mintues ago, and well, two cats were fine with them, the other two, gone and in the basement the whole time. Isis DID come out for a brief minute to see why mom was calling her,but when the booming began again off she went! Poor Luna is terrified of anything loud. yet another reason why I try to never raise my voice for any reason. If we yell about anything, she is gone like a flash. I wish I knew what happened to her to make her so afraid. Isis is skittish when we yell also.(or if people come over) she is generally skittish. I wish I could find out what happened to them both. They were street cats before I found them. Now they are fat and sassy (and skittish.) Any ideas??
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The fireworks at the ballpark just finished. I had a wonderful view, from my front yard.

Ike slept, all the way through, Pearl was settled in her crate and the cats couldn't have cared less. Buddy sat in the front window and watched me.
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