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moving house

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I have sent all day today packing up the house for our move - hmmmm not sure where the husband is right now tho!! why do they always disappear at these moments?

we leave for our belated honeymoon to the whitsundays in queensland next week - a day after settlement on our house occurs - then when we get back we can move in...

I am so excited!! but where oh where is that husband of mine?!?!

Think it might be time to pour myself a glass of wine and pull out a book....

enough done for one saturday!!


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Please make sure to send us photos of your new home! This must be so exciting for you both! Have a wonderful honeymoon!
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Sounds like you're a busy person! Congratulations on the new home and have a wonderful honeymoon trip!

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Why is it that husbands are so good at disappearing during times like cleaning or moving! Mine always seems to pick up extra shifts at work when something like that comes up!! lol
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I asked him about it when he got home - and his comment was - even if I was here helping you would be watching me like a hawk and telling me I was doing it all wrong

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HAHA! Men..
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