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Feeding question

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I have been toying with the idea of expanding the cat family (getting a new kitten). My question is how do I feed the new little guy the food he needs without the other 2 getting into it? My 5-year-old definitely DOESN'T need the added fat and calories of kitten food. He already is on the "light" formula diet. I struggled with this issue when I got Joey 2 years ago. Squirt ate all his kitten food, Joey only wanted adult food. I know it sounds trivial, but it is a concern I am thinking about before getting a new kitten.
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That's a good question, Deb. Unfortunately, the only thing I would know to do is separate them while they're eating. Of course, you'd have to have definate meal times rather than free feeding, which is the easiest. Once my kittens are old enough and weaned, I'm going to be facing the same problem, so I'll be interested to see some responses to this question. Muffy is such a skinny cat anyway, that she may just end up eating kitten food for while longer (she's on it now since she's nursing).

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Well, most are going to disagree with my answer, but I have too many cats, too little space and not enough time to seperate them. When I have a baby in the house I mix the adult with the kitten and I havnt had a problem yet.
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Well, Sandie, that answer was almost too easy! Must be the result of a clear head after all that ocean air this weekend!
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LOL, I think it's just that I have had so many kittens and adults at the same time. Matter of fact, my little Antarctica came home today and she is meeting everyone right now.
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