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My cat has an issue with paper!?

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My cat is really weird. She enjoys things that crinkle. The rips paper, never eats it, steps on grocery bags (plastic) and likes to rip up the paper grocery bags. Sometimes she gets really in to it. She goes full force with the back feet to. I don't understand why, and I don't think it has anything to do with her food. She just seems to be practicing her hunting skills on things that won't fight back. It is really entertaining to watch.
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Your cat sure sounds like a bundle of fun! She must be a joy to watch when she is doing this!

I have had two paper shredders across the years. They seem to have a wonderful time shredding any paper they could get their teeth into.
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Yeah, it is quite hilarious to watch. I just can't figure out what is so amusing. Why does the crinkle get to her. She plays with the pieces after she rips them off. but never does anything else. She gets hyper when she thinks she is "winning."
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I have a cat who is a paper shredder. He also loves plastic; he licks it. I don't know what it is about plastic but he goes nuts over it. I asked a vet about it once and he said the cat was probably bored.
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Plastic bags are made with animal by products and the cats can smell it. I wouldn't let them lick the bags as they could get sick from it. No telling what is on the bag...
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My cat doesn't like paper, just sits on it. She like to walk on it because of the noise it makes. The paper is also weird. She rips it up, then plays with the peices, but never eats them. Matbe she thinks it is a fight she can win. She is so afraid, she would never get in a cat fight.
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Its always fun watching cats amuse themselves.

I have a cat who would always help me when I was doing my homework. She would lie down on top of whatever book I was reading. When I kicked her off, she would lie down on whatever paper I was writing and go nuts when I tried to pull it out from under her.
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Our cat's idea of heaven is a thick newspaper thrown on the floor for him to play with, or a cardboard box full of paper streamers that he can tear apart. A lot of cats love the sound of paper rustling - maybe they pretend it's a mouse they're hearing.
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Yeah, it is pretty cool to watch a cat play with something that we find around the house. I had to be careful with my homework. If I leave it on my bed, it would be in shreds. "Uh, sorry theacher, my cat ate my homework." That can be the new excuse!
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Have any of you tried giving your cat a green olive? For some cats, a green olive entices the same euphoric reaction as catnip. My 14yo males just loves a green olive. He doesn't eat it, but it drives him right back into kittenhood. Give it try and see if you get a reaction.
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My cat doesn't really go for cat nip. I put some on her food every once in a while, but never liked the catnip stuffed toys, or catnip scented anything. Maybe it depends on the cat. I might try it though.
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For thoughs of you who have cats that enjoy shredding paper, I have found that the bes type of paper bag to shred (according to my cat) are Trader Joe's bags. You may not have that near you, so any grocery store bag will do, but my cat goes wild for them.
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My cat enjoys paper as well, he's especially loves grocery bags!!..for whatever reason it appears to be normal. Believe it or not one of my cats all time favorite toys are twist ties you get with garbage bags, he apsoloutly goes crazy over's like catnip!
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I haqven't tried twist ties on my cat before. Maybe I'll try it. Sounds hilarious. Does your cat ever try to chew them? It could be dangerous.
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My 16yo female loves twist ties. She also loves the plastic ring that comes off when you unscrew the top from a beverage jug for the first time! She's fanatical over them!
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My cat does like those a little, but I find that tearing paper also strengthens their jaws.
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My kitten, Cindy, loves paper bags, newspapers, and plastic. Lucy, on the other hand, would rather play with her dried bean pods or cat toys. What Cindy likes to do is hide under a piece of newspaper with just part of her tail peeking out, while awaiting the pouncing Lucy, who will then proceed to jump on the newspaper.
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I think it's a genetic pre-disposition to anything that rustles...

i thought it was normal
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