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Stopping two cats from being "frisky"

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Hello everyone,

I've just adopted a new stray cat after seeing it hanging around my existing cat, Shadow, so much. The new cat looks so young that I assumed it might be Shadow's kitten (I wasn't sure since the previous owner thought Shadow had been "fixed"). The new cat seems shy, but I thought bringing Shadow to it might help... It was only a few hours ago that I realized their true relationship when I saw them "getting frisky" on the kitchen floor.

I've never had two cats do this in the past and I'm at a loss for what to do in this situation. I can't have this happening every day in public areas since I frequently have house guests.

Is there anything I can do to prevent them from doing this?

Thank you for your help,
- Vincent
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I would take both cats to the vet and have them both fixed. This will stop this sort of behavior and give both cats longer healthier lives. Make sure to have the stray checked for diseases as it could infect your kity as well.
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I would not put them together until the stray has been vet checked. I would also tell the vet to spay and neuter both cats.
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Well, like I said, to the best of my knowledge, the male cat, Shadow, has been "fixed". Is there any way to tell if it's true from a visual standpoint?
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Sorry I read where the previous owner "thought" Shadow had been fixed. If it was recent and he has already bred he may just have to get it out of his system. A vet would be able to tell you easily enough.

In the meantime, you can invest in a Comfort Zone Feliway Room Mister and plug it in. It works continuously and helps stop this type of behavior.
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I would have them seperated until you take them to a vet just to make sure that the stray doesn't have any illness or disease that can get your resident cat sick.

The female cat will continue acting frisky until she is fixed. When Niko wasn't fixed she would be affectionate with everything from Mischief to my roommate's feet. And her heat cycles ran every two weeks it seemed.
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You might be able to tell if the male's been neutered by looking at his, ehem, um ... well, round male parts. I believe they are small in size due to uh ... shrinkage ... Obviously though, the best thing to do is keep them separated until you can have them both examined by a vet. Does the male spray?
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