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how many kittens

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i do not know the answer to this but maybe some of you do, how many kittens can a mother cat have in one litter? i had a girl tell me at work that she had a cat that had 10 kittens i did not think this was possible, is it? i told her she should have got the cat spayed and the mommie cat wouldnt have had to go through that, i bet she was exhausted, poor thing, if this is possible
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It is possible to have 10 kittens. They would be small and some may not survive, but it can happen.
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I had a female and she had 9 kittens . I think she had a hard time having them all . But all kittens were in good health . And yes she was spayed after that . And all kittens found a home .
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wow, thats alot of delivering after that i bet mama cat thanked you for spaying her. i never knew they could have so many, the ones ive been around only had 2,3,4 at the most, how would they all eat, they had to share i guess
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Well , I took mom cat and her girl in , to find them a new home at that time . It just happen that mom cat had kittens of 3 and her young girl kittens of 9 . So what they did was : sharing the nursing part with each other . The mom cat also help her little girl deliver her babys . That sure was very rewarting for me . I have never seen that in my life . It was a wonderfull experience for me to learn and to see .
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thats interesting, i didnt know they would do that
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I sah on TV one time a documentation about cats , that's when I sah it the first time that female cats share in their labor and raising the kittens together . But when it happen to me , wow
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i bet, that is great, that goes to show you they have more sense than some people do glad you got to experience that, and good luck with all your fury friends they are certainly special
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Thank you dougbug , you are very nice . Yes they are all special to me . All animals are special and worth saving
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