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Kitty Huts

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I try to care for a feral mother, Goldie and her 4 kittens. My girlfriend also has a farm where over the years she has rescued about 60 unwanted ferals, and homeless cats. (Hers are all fixed.) In trying to think of alternative shelter options, my husband and I came up with what seems to be a good idea. We buy inexpensive styrofoam coolers, like the ones from the Dollar Store or K/mart. Turn it upside down and cut a "mouse hole" type door on one end. Place the lid on and securely fasten it around the entire cooler with duck-tape. The lid is now the floor of the hut. I cut up old pieces of carpet and place them inside for warmth. With a little hunk of cat nip for the first stay, these shelters have proven to keep many kitties warm and out of the rain.
They are light, though, so I place a heavy flat stone, etc on top if they are out in a windy area. Don't want our fur babies to get blown away. I am going to try and attach an image of one in progress. I am not good at that, so if I am not successful, I will e/mail the image to someone and ask them to post it. Hope this gives some of you an idea. We have about 70 up and running on Luana's farm, my client's homes and in my wooded area where Goldie has taken up residence.
PS: THE FILE IS TOO BIG......may I impose on someone to post it for me via e/mail?
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that sounds like a great idea! when I was 8, I adopted my first alley cat (mom now insists that I don't bring in any more kitties off the street). well, since White Socks was ever an outdoor cat, I didn't like to think of him being wet and cold outside. so I made Daddy build him a little house (which included a window, a mirror, wall to wall carpeting, and curtains...hey, I was 8) It was insulated, and my kitty loved it. Your kitties will like theirs too, I hope.
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That's a wonderful thing you're doing, providing shelter for so many cats! Thank you for the description of your shelters. Could you please tell us the exact dimensions of the access hole? (That seems to be a vital consideration.)

I'm sorry, but I'm unable to help with posting your photograph. I hope somebody will offer to do so, as I'd love to see it!

Congratulations on being such a caring person; and keep up the good work!

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I am not sophisticated enough of a 'carpenter' to give exact dimensions, but I judged the opening based on the size of openings my 5 guys like to crawl into!
Actually - some are bigger and some smaller-depending on the size of the cats I was 'building' for.
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I can resize and post the photo. Email it to me at only_dreaming@hotmail.com
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Your shelters are the neatest idea and so inexpensive to make! Thanks for sharing that one.
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wow, what a great idea, i cant wait to see the photograph it sounds easy and inexpensive,
something all of us could think about trying !
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Illusion has agreed to try and post a pic for me - Thank you to her!
I'll get a pic to Illusion this morning.......

The huts do seem to serve their purpose. My wild bunch used theirs last night, as we had a bunch of rain. My friend will also use one now and then (only a bigger version) to put a bowl of food in to keep it dry for her ferals I also find that they work best when off the ground -(snow buildup), so we have placed a few onto palletts at the farm. The huts won't last 20 years, but what does?
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Originally posted by debra myers
The huts won't last 20 years, but what does?
Well, my debts, for one! LOL

Hey Baby Blue, it's good to see you! Where have you been?
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here - hopefully - will be a pic of a hut. My babies were not coopertive with posing...so the bear got the job!
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I have another option. Take an 18 or 19 gallon sterilite or any kind of plastic tub with a cover on it. Flip it over so the cover is on the bottom and put an entrance like you did in the styrofoam. Layer the bottom with newspaper, straw and blankets. Put in water and food and it makes a great shelter that will repel rain as well and also keep them warm during the winter. We've done this for alot of our feral colonies. Get green as it blends in with the trees and grass and won't call attention to itself to strangers and kids, especially if out in the woods.

You're doing a wonderful thing by caring for them. They are very lucky unlike alot of ferals.

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I like the idea of using styrofoam as it keeps the heat inside.
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Donna - I never thought of using a plastic container - they would
certainly hold up a lot longer! Thanks. I will watch for them to go on sale. With the hay - they probably stay fairly warm.
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Yes they do. And, they blend in with the green of the trees so no one notices. We've used them for quite some time and they are wonderful. And newspaper is a great insulator.
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Debra and Donna! Thank you both for the wonderful ideas!!!!

Debra! Those ferals are so lucky to have a compassionate person like you caring and looking out for them!!!!!!!!!!!
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Debby - thanks for your kind words - I am upset that I haven't made more progress with the mother, Goldie and now the 4 little ones - I need to get them trapped and spayed, etc. The little ones are 9 weeks old now - don't want them to get much older! Only the runt is making any great amount of progress - I can get about 3 ft from him (looks like a little boy) Goldie and I have an undertanding - but it is frustrating! I keep telling her all I want to do is help!
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It is that time of year again where the weather is turning - Vegan asked for an idea to help keep a stray kitty warm, so here this is again!
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Deb!! Im glad you brought this thread bacjk to the top as I hadn't seen it before!! What great ideas you've had!! The huts look excellent and its so good of you to take such good care of these babies!!
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Almost makes me with I had a reason to make one . . .

But all the cats I know, even the outdoor cats, have people who claim them.

Which is a good thing.
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