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Cat Nap ???

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My 6 year old Bengal cat, called Pau Sau ( pronounced Pow Sow - as in female pig ! ) sleeps in the oddest position I've ever seen. He quite simply falls asleep on his head ! When he adopts this positon we know he's out for a good few hours, and nothing can disturb him ! God knows how he breaths !

Does anyone else have cats that nap in weird positions ???

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always

This is a piccie or two of him asleep !
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A side view :
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Or he sleeps on my mother's lap with just a jumble of legs, sticking out all over the place....
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Aww...too cute! He's beautiful! I just love Bengals markings!
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One more...just to prove he is awake sometimes...and because I just discovered how to post pictures tonight, so I'm showing off my boy !!! Last one, I promise !
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We don't mind you posting pic's....we all LOVE them! So, keep em coming!
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I love looking at the pics of everyone's cat, I just wish I could post some, but I am not a great pic taker so I don't have many and also my computer does not have the capabilities to scan pics into the system. but keep the pics coming, I love them
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I just love his beautiful coloring!!!!
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That's so funny and cute! My sister used to have a Tabby that occasionally slept like that in the winter time when the house wasn't warm enough inside. Winter weather at -40 degrees Celcius is quite common where I live. By the way, that's exactly the same as -40 degrees Fahrenheit.
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that is the cutiest thing, i love it the way he sleeps he also looks very interseted in those fish, i think that is what that is hes looking at, isnt it? both my cats sleep curled up in a ball with their heads upside down, it looks very uncomforable, i love looking at the pics, and i think most do also, so go ahead and post them, i will some day soon.
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he looks so sweet... you should send those pictures in for captioning!!
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my parents used to have a cat 'brandy' that slept like that all the time as well - it was the strangest thing I had ever seen...

he often slept like that in my fathers slippers. We were all really worried whether he would wake up or if the fumes would over power him
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Never saw a cat sleep like that but it's sweet! Cute Pics! You can never post too many pictures!


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He is adorbale!!! Yes, and my cats sleep in some really weird positions too..
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Omg what a gorgeous cat!!! And so funny that he sleeps like that LOL.
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My Georgia sleeps like that.
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Beautiful cat, and he looks so comfy! I've never seen a cat sleep like that, that's so funny.
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That is so funny! I've never seen a cat sleep in quite that position. Very cute!
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Strange you say that he sleeps like that, my bengal Sasha sleeps the same way. I just thought he was wierd
I will try to get a pic of it.
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