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Plastic Licking, Sick Cat

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Pau Sau, pronounced pow sow, our 6 year old, Bengal cat is sick.

A few months ago, he took to licking plastic bags, whether they had food in them or not. Then a few weeks after that, he licked the bags, then an hour later started wailing in distress, and vomitted badly. Then he dropped weight rapidly. He still can't keep much food down at all, and is very boney.

We took him to our vet who checked him thoroughly and said that he had gastroenteritis (sp?). Anyway, he got some tablets, which we had to give him twice a day, and he stopped vomiting quite so often. The only thing is that he now associates food with vomiting, and distress, and it is a battle to get him to eat.

The situation is now this. Even though he is now cleared by the vet, has no gut blockages, blood abnormalities, etc, he still vomits after eating, and he still gives a warning signal of licking plastic bags for 24 hours before hand. He still is quite thin too. We are going to see what happens over the next couple of days, before going back to the vets, but he is very hungry, but just not to eager to eat. He will eat little mouthfuls but then will walk away, he returns a little while later to stand and stare at it, and needs a lot of reasurrance to try to eat more.

Out and away from food, he is bright, vocal, and playful, just tires quickly. The vet said that we shouldn't keep him on fish and chicken as it doesn't have the nutrients required, and he will be difficult to put onto a normal diet afterwards.

Has anyone any tips on how I can hep Pau Sau get onto a normal routine again, and reassure him that all food isn't bad ???

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always

Picture of Pau Sau before he got ill :
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Ooops...here we go...here's Pau Sau :
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Remove the plastic bags from his reach. Many chemicals can be absorbed by your kitty and that may be what is making him ILL. Many manufacturers keep the bags near insecticides to keep bugs away from them.
Please don't let him lick the bags any more.
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