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Hello! I'm new here, been looking around for a few days and decided to join. Everyone here seems friendly.
I have 3 cats- the oldest is a 14 (?) year old orange tabby something (best guess is half persian half street cat- was found in a parking lot), the only female is a 12 year old itty bitty inbred (not being mean, being serious) short haired calico, and the youngest (just had his 3rd birthday!) is a gorgeous Turkish Van (will post pics when I can). We also have a ferret (4 year old 'dwarf' sable) and a few fosters hanging around. The two kitten fosters are going home this week, the adult we may have forever.. might as well include her. She's a 2 year old half Van (We call her our 'mini van'. She is just like a small shorthaired Turkish Van- so low maintenece!). She was given up because her people were moving and chose not to include her in the move. Wakes me up every morning by licking my arm.
(I'm 16 and live, of course, with my parents. This limits me as to what I can do cat wise, but they love kitties too, so I'm pretty lucky.)

I really love purebred cats. My first kitty ever was a Turkish Angora (white- one blue eye, one green eye. Originally from a breeder, we were her 4th and final home) and the majority of the cats we have fostered have been purebred (or really neat mixes- had a 1/2 maine coon 1/2 himalayan- have never seen more fur in my life!! Victim of declaw), Perisans, Himalayan, Ragdoll, and a lovely little Turkish Angora. We mostly do adults, and have 1 at a time(Not my choice! Lol).

Does anyone here have Vans or Angoras? I would LOVE to see pics!!
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We have some breeders here and many folks that do rescue. I'm sure you will get to know us all, in time! Watch out we can be habit forming! LOL

I raise Persians, some here raise Bengals, some Siamese, and some Himmies. It is amazing how many beautiful cats are here!

We also have many beautiful DSH and DLH cats too!

Feel free to brouse (sp?) our web sites and sign our guest books!
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Welcome to the site! How wonderful that you are able to foster kitties. It is such a needed thing, and saves untold numbers of cats' lives each year. I wish there were more like you who are willing and able to foster.
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Welcome to the site. I look forward to viewing your pics; hope you can post them soon. "Mini-van," too cute! I have 4 cats, Dottie, 16yo; Bleu, 14yo; Penny, 7mo; and my newest family member, Bailey, 6wks.
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Hi RandomFeline! Just wanted to welcome you to the board!
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Welcome to this great site!

I breed Persian Cats, well they breed and I look after them

Look forward to getting to know you and see pictures?

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welcome to the boards!!
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Thank you all for welcoming me to your board!
I'm trying hard to get the scanner and digital camera both set up.
I look forward to showing everyone pictures of my babies.

Trust me, as soon as I figure it out, you will see plenty of pictures!

( I attatched a picture of two of my former foster babies. Tell me if it works!)
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Wow! Those babey's are gorgeous Congrats!
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They were cute little guys .
They both went to new homes on Saturday.
(Would you believe that mom was a feral siamese?)
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My Pleasure.

The one on the right looks a wee bit siamese-like but ther other no way!

Congrats, on then going to their new homes!
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They look so sweet! I'm glad you found a good home for them.
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Here is a picture of my Turkish Van. It's not a great pic, but the only one I have on the computer right now. This was taken about a year ago, now he is 3 years old and a great deal more 'sophisticated' looking.
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Here is a small pic of my purebred farm cat. (LOL, meaning my little inbred wild thing) She was voted most likely to bite at my house . She is also the smallest of my cats, and the only female.
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A belated welcome from me and Peaches! Hope you enjoy it here!
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I have at about 5 cats and their pic you may see if you click here
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