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Awfully extreme sentence?

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I missed the original CNN report, but saw this in my local newspaper today (translated from German):
"Police Officer Spit On - Man Gets Life Sentence
Oklahoma City (dpa) - An American in Oklahoma has received a life sentence because he spit on a police officer. As CNN reported on Wednesday, the 36-year-old, who was arrested on a charge of domestic violence, was facing one year in jail. He spit a police officer in the face during his arrest. As deadly diseases like AIDS can be transmitted in this manner, the maximum sentence was imposed."

Did anybody read the original report? The whole thing sounds insane. Was the man HIV positive? If so, was he deliberately trying to infect the cop? As far as I'm concerned, the whole thing is over the top. A society that allows most people to buy guns, lets a wife abuser (and so much more) like O.J. get off scot-free, and still hasn't managed to convict all the Enron conmen, really suffers from a lack of credibility. So what is this sentence supposed to prove?
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I agree that is a bit excessive. If the office went through a complete HIV/Hepatitis screening immediately post exposure and then at 6 and 12 month intervals, and had a positive seroconversion (which, from my days as an Occupational Health nurse, I know is pretty uncommon, actually), then I would see pressing charges.
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ya it is way over the top!!
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The man in question had just been arrested for domestic violence and had broken his girlfriends arm. He as warned by the officers not to spit as it is a felony. He spit. When he went to spit again an officer tried to restrain him and was bitten. The man had a history of rape and violence and this was mentioned in the court room. He was HIV neg thank goodness. Due to his violent history he was given the max sentence.
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This may be a "three-strikes" case. It is assaulting a police officer and that IS a felony.
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I have not heard the story, but the sentence does sound a little over the top to me.
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Thanks for the info, Teresa. I don't feel sorry for the guy at all, with that background, but was really shocked that somebody could get a life sentence for spitting.
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I guess it would depend on why he was being arrest in the first place and his track record. It sounds alittle harsh but I don't know the back ground info.
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If that state has a "three strikes" law, the judge may have had no choice in sentencing. It sounds as if this bozo has a history of felony convictions and this may have been the one, to trigger the third strike.
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The thing is we can't really judge on this one incident but we have to know the guys history. If indeed he had prior convictions and the 3 strikes and your out rule applied the jusdge had no other choice but to inforce the rule.
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Here's one article I found on the subject.

Man spits on cop, gets life in jail
Oklahoma man had faced just a year in wife-beating case

OKLAHOMA CITY, July 2 — An Oklahoma man arrested on suspicion of beating his wife faced year in prison and a fine. But when he spit in an arresting officer’s face, he got a life sentence instead, officials said on Wednesday.

JOHN CARL Marquez, 36, was convicted of “placing bodily fluid upon a government employee,†a felony that can carry a life sentence because of the possibility of transmitting a potentially deadly disease. \t
State judge April Sellers White sentenced Marquez this week even though Marquez and the officer tested negative for any communicable disease.
Marquez also was convicted of assaulting a police officer, and a jury recommended the maximum sentence because he had previous convictions.
Marquez, arrested several months ago, could have received one year in prison and a $3,000 fine for wife-beating, according to the Creek County court clerk’s office.
His lawyers said they plan to appeal.

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It's too bad for him he didn't kill the cop. He probably would have gotten a lighter sentence.
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now I'm confused. you can spit on a cop and receive a life sentence, but to kill an animal you only get a fine? that is so stupid!
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