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Suppliments for Shedding

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Has anyone ever used any of the suppliments available that are supposed to reduce shedding? I bought a suppliment called Shed-Less for Cats. I thought I'd try it and see what happens.Any comments on them would be appreciated.
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I'm curious about this, too! There's a LOT of black & white hair floating around my house.
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My persians don't seem to shed that much, but we groom them alot.

I have not heard of Supplements to stop shedding, sorry, sounds good though.

Good Luck! Sam.
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Maybe a groomer can help me here if I am wrong. About the only thing that you can do is feed the cat a "premium" healthy cat food, brush the cat a couple of times a week, and bath the cat with a "shed control" shampoo. Shedding is one of the only negatives besides cleaning the litter box in my opinion it is just the nature of the beast.
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My cat sheds a lot, so a remedy would help. I know of the hairball controlling food, but haven't heard of the shed preventing supplements.
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I've never heard of shed-control shampoo...do you know how it works? Where do you get it?
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www.drsfostersmith.com carrys a "shed control" shampoo for cats and dogs. Does it work?.....ask me in a couple of weeks.
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I have been using the Dr's. Foster and Smith shed control shampoo for the past few months. I am not impressed. I have noticed no decrease in the amount of shedding, or any improvement in the condition of their fur.

I have better results with the Gold Medal Pets cat shampoo I get at Petsmart.
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I just picked up a supplement called Mirra-Coat at Petsmart. My cats hardly shed at all! I am using it to give them a thick coat and to help with what little shedding they have. It also reduces itching. They are all VERY shiny kitties! Here's some info about it!

MirraCoat Liquid For Cats

MirraCoat contains a blend of essential fatty acids, plus arachidonic acid, an essential nutrient required by your cat's metabolism. It's formulated to encourage healthy skin and a shiny, thick and lustrous coat while helping to reduce itching, flaking and non-seasonal shedding. Choose from regular MirraCoat, or MirraCoat O3, which contains a unique blend of organic oils including flax seed, wheat germ and sesame. Formulas each sold separately.

Click here for more information!
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Thanks for the info!
Which variety of the Mirra-Coat do you use, Tasha? Do your cats eat it if you pour it on their food, or do you have to give it like a medicine?
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I use the one with the white cat on it. You just pour it into their food everyday! You will notice an improvement in just 2 weeks. The bottle will feed a 9 pound cat for 1 month. I am feeding it to a 17 pound cat, it should last almost as long. Good luck!
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Thanks! I'll give it a try. (puts down catalog where she was considering buying grey couch covers, rugs, etc. to hide cat hair )
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