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How do i copy and paste a pic?
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In the forums? I'm not sure you can actually copy and paste pictures here. If you mean elsewhere just highlight the picture by dragging your mouse over it while holding it down, then right click and choose copy. Then just paste it into whatever program you want to use by right clicking and choosing paste.
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Earlier on people were taking pics from the cute cat site and putting them on here so i'm just wondering how to do that.
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The easiest way to do that, I think, is to save the picture you like on your computer, and then post with your message. Just use the attach file option at the bottom of the "reply" screen, and browse through your computer until you find the pic you want to include.

Otherwise, you can link to photos on another site, but I find that more complicated.
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My guess is that they copied the location and linked them to the forum. But I'll let one of them tell you how to do that because I'm new to it myself and they probably know short cuts!
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when you do attach a picture, it has to be a certain size..not sure how big, but it seems like every time I try to attach something it is too big so I use my growthspurts.com site to upload my pictures so I can post my images on a post instead.
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