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*snickers* Hi everyone!!

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Yes I am new as well, but this is the first time I've been in the "newbie" forum. So.... Let me tell ya a little about myself.

First off I have 7 cats. Yeah I know lot of cats, But I love every single one of them.

Vagabond is my baby girl. She's a short haired mutt with black and white markings (mostly black). Every time I come home from work, I have to give her treats, otherwise she meows and meows until I do.

Hobo is my shortcake. She's a mutt longhaired Tortie, with the most friendly additude I have ever seen in a cat. She loves to snuggle up with me at night, letting me use her as a teddy bear. Recently I had to take her to the humanie society so she could get an operation done, to remove her eye. It turns out when she was realllllllly young she got a sliver of glass in her eye and it kept working it's way into her eye, until about a week ago when it poped. The surgery went fine, and she's all better now. A little cutie... missing one eye of course.

Bun-kie is one of Vagabond's kittens. He's mostly black with white socks and a white flame marking on his nose (obviously a mutt). He is what I affectionaly call a lard@ss, because his fav. thing to do is eat and then curl up on.. no wait, IN the food bowl. He's kind of shy, but when it comes to food he's all for it.

Sonjyia (perrnounced sown-j-ha)is a sweetheart. She's mostly white, with a black mask on her face and black all the way up her tail (except for the very tip which is white). Her fave place to curl up and sleep in on anyone feet. She is so kind, but you have to keep an eye on her when she get's to wrestling wiht the other kittens. She turns into a little demon then.

O-B-One Kat Nobi the intrepid explorer. His name says it all! He's black and white spotted (a generous mix) with two black circles on the end of his nose. He was the first out of the 5 kittens to figure out how to walk, how to climb, how to jump, how to open the treat bag... the list goes on and on *chuckles*.

Hobbit, what can I say about him? He looks almost identical to O-B-One, but his nose is solid black. He loves to wrestle and explore, but is fave thing to do is to sleep in my bathtub. *sighs*

Lynn. This little girl was named after me, because when she was about 2 weeks old she discovered the use of her voice... and used it quite often. Sonjyia and Lynn look quite symular, but Lynn has a split down the middle of the black mask on her face, and her additude is more of a tabbytude. She loves to wrestle, fight and meows all the time to tell me what's going on in her little world. She's also the only one who isn't afraid of thunder.

Well now for me. My real name is Jenn, but friends call me Salem. I'm 5'7'' with waist length ((not for long getting it cut soon)) brown/red hair and dark brown eyes. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, up in the cold north of Canada. I'm a picies, and I love to draw and listen to Enya. But most of all I love my furbabies.

*breaths deep* damn... that was long...

~ Salem
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Hi Salem...Wow that is quite a list of furbabies you have there Please show pictures when you get the chance of all the furbabies. I too love to listen to Enya.. I even used here "waterfall" piano piece for me to walk down the aisle to marry my hubbylast October. Everyone that came to our wedding just loved that I didn't use the traditonal wedding march.

Lord here I am rambling on.... sorry, Anywho, Welcome to the boards You will love it here
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Hi Salem,

I can see you have already been busy posting - but welcome to the Newbie board anyway!!

I loved hearing about all your cats, and share your love of Enya. Do you like Clannad too?
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Welcome to the site! LOL With over 100 posts you barely qualify as a newbie!
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Hi Salem, welcome. I have a one-eyed cat as well. We don't know what happened to her eye. We are treating the infection that's set it. It is very persistent. Here's a pic of Penny, my one-eyed wonder.

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Welcome to the boards!
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This is my baby Hobo ... CAUTION: The following picture will be huge...

*evil gigle*
~ Salem
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Did they suture Hobo's eye shut? How are they handling infection? Penny's eye still drains green snotty stuff. She's been on antibiotics for a long time now. It has improved, but not enough to suture it shut without a shunt for drainage. I'm curious how they handled this with Hobo.

Otherwise, your Hobo and my Penny could pass for twins. Amazing ... how much they look alike.
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I'm a newbie too. Welcome!
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welcome to the site, sounds like you have a great bunch of furbabies, hope his eye gets better
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Welcome! Glad you're enjoying all the boards! I'm a little late but better late then never. Right?
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her... her... herrrrr!!!! Female... Oi...

~ Salem
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Originally posted by mzjazz2u
Welcome! Glad you're enjoying all the boards! I'm a little late but better late then never. Right?
So I am absolutly agree Welcome to the site!
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