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vomiting and diarhhoea

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sorry for yet another vomiting post but there is a particular pattern of my cat's behaviour that i hope someone might be able to shed some light on. Over the last 3 weeks, every few days my 5 year old persian will use the litter tray and her poo will be fine. she will then come back in a few minutes and it will be much more liquid and then she will immediately vomit up some bile. there is sometimes some blood in the vomit and the diarhhoea. my vet doesn't seem too bothered as she will recover and act normally after a few hours so he doesn't think i should be too worried but whilst she often vomited up bile in the past, she has never got into such a definite pattern. i haven't changed her food - she's on purina pro plan and a bit of wet food each day. the only change is that she seems to be catching more mice type animals but doesn't eat them. Anyone have any ideas??
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Tara - I'm no expert, but I'd take her back to the vet for another go around. Vomiting blood is not normal. Your cat may be ill, or maybe it's something as simple as a food allergy. (They can develop an allergy to a food after eating it for years.) If you vet is just blowing the symptoms off, I'd take her to a different vet. I'm not one to call the vet at every sniffle and sneeze. I try to compare the Muffy's symptoms to something in my kids. If I'd call the doctor for my kids, I'd call the vet for Muffy. If my kids ever vomit blood, I'd be camping on the doctor's doorstep. Please have your vet get to the bottom of this.

Good luck!
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I think I would get a second opinion from another vet. I have never heard of this happening especially the diarrhea thing after her poop is fine. Maybe someone else on this board knows and can shed some light on it. The only question I can think of to ask besides seeing another vet is: does she have a weight problem at all? Is she overweight and eats a lot that might cause her to do this?
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no, she only weighs about 6lbs! and that's after putting on a pound and a half since i got her. i've only had her 4 months. on days when she feels fine and no problems, she eats what i think is a lot - the daily recommended dose of dry and as much as wet as she can get - usually i restrict it to third of a pouch (don't know if you get pouches in Amercia? i'm in england) on days when she'd been sick she won't eat anything all day but usually finishes most of the dry overnight. at the moment my vet is saying she doesn't need to come in and see him as he only thinks it's a problem if she's being ill all the time. i don't have the car as my boyfriend is away but he comes back in a wekk so i ight jsut insist he takes a look at her then. since being sick this morning she's been asleep and is now up and wanting to play.
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Hmmm. When you get the car back I think I would take her to see another vet. You could also try Science Diet for Sensitive Stomach (I don't know if you have it in England). Let us know what happens. It just doesn't sound normal to me.
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I agree - a second opinion is definately in order. Best to you and your baby -let us know after you
bring her for a another evalution
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The first thing I would do is try another vet. It sounds like she is having a reaction to something. Blood does not appear in stool or vomit for no reason. There is something going on there that needs to be addressed.
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