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It's snowing everywhere in NZ!!!!!!!!!!

Apart from Wellington of course! I'm going to a cat show today and it's tomorrow ( 9 hour drive ) and it's going to snowing up there BRRRRRRRRRRRR and invercargill it's snowing!!!!!!

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Hey Sam? Could ya send some of that snowy stuff to me? It's blazen hot here right now! Over 100 degrees!!
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I'm leaving for the cat show now!!!! I hope everyone has a good weekend! See ya Tuesday or Monday when I return

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I'll see if I can chuck some snow over for ya Shell

It's freeeeeeezing here, I have a scarf, gloves, boots hat and everything else on it's not a pretty site LOL
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it's like 92 here but i don't miss the snow.. drive safe
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Thank you! I'll pass those wishes on to Nana who will be driving!
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Oh Geez Sam, you KNOW I love that stuff! Chuck me over some will ya mate?
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I am allergic to snow. Even though its 106 here, I don't want any of that cold, white stuff!
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I don't even want to think about snow. Around here, winters are way too long and summers are too short.
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I am glad it's not snowing here in Ottawa Lake Michigan but I do wish that the humidity would go down, it was 95 all day and we just got some storms and now it is like 75 which is a nice temp but the Humidity is so high!
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You have got to be joking me!!!! I hate snow. Like Cindy, I am allergic to that white stuff!
Please make sure your grandma drives carefully.

Invercargill. Im not surprised. Its always cold there....my dad was born there and so every once in a while we go there. I hate that place.
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hope your trip is safe and fun, but for the snow you can keep it, i get my feel of it come december, we had way to much of it last winter, and had to much ice, knocked elec. out for 1 and 1/2 weeks, so enjoy all that white stuff
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And it was absoultely lovely we had driven as far as Palmerston North and that's about 2 hours away from home and it started HEAVY snowing and we must of got out about 6 times and started making snow men and putting them on the car and throwing snow balls at each other and stuff and about another 3 hour bit we stopped and had lunch and then 3 1/2 hours after that we got to our destination and had tea and nana and her friends had found a bottle store and we had a great night and told jokes and stuff and then we groomed our cats we must of taken 15ish and then we watched the News and about 500 people had got their cars stuck in snow on the same road so we were very lucky to have missed that and then we went to bed very late and got up very early the next morning to go to the cat show and we done alright they had really bad judges that probably couldn't tell a cat from a dog but we did alright so that was the main thing, Sophie won best of color and then went on to win best of group out of 8 and then 5th best in show out of 40 and then Holly won best of color out of 3 and then best of group out of 6 and then went on to become 7th best of show and Special Effects didn't do very well, I think she got 4th best of group but all 3 became Champions. Sue's cats did very well and won a few Best-In-Shows and Kay's Burmese got a few 10ths so it was a pretty good show so then we went back to our motel and had a nice dinner and talked and stuff and then we left Hamilton today and just got back 20 minutes ago and had a really good time!

Well that's my story!

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I never see snow!

Congrats on your kitties doing well in the contest!
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Snow's absolutely gorgeous! It always snows in NZ but I have only seen it once , no body told me to take my Camera so I didn't

Thank you!

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