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Happy Birthday Echo & Bud!!

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YAY! Today is a special day for me! It's Echo & Bud's 5th Birthday!
They seem rather uninterested about it, but I don't care! They've gotten their new toys and now they'll get a couple birthday snacks! Apparently, they didn't like my singing this morning...they ran away when I started in!
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Happy birthday babies! You should try getting them the Feathers for Felines video - mine love it!
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Happy Birthday sweet babies! Have a fun day!! Are they from the same litter Shelle?
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Thanks Guys! The kids say thanks too!
Kathy, yes the are litter mates..even though you couldn't tell it by looking at them! They have such a bond with each other! They're always snuggling together and giving each other baths.

It's funny how for the longest time, they didn't like each other. My parents took Bud to their home and I took Echo to mine. After 2 years, I ended up moving back with my folks and had to introduce them to each other once again. Boy did the fur fly! But once they got over the shock, they've become best buddies!
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Happy Birthday!!! LOL, Shell don't feel bad.. all 4 of my boys (Drew, Jake, Sebastian, AND Craig) cringe when I start singing.
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LOL Cass!

Happy Birthday Bud & Echo , and many more! with love from Aunty Sam!
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Happy Birthday Echo and Bud!!! Snuggles from Heidi, Trent & Ophelia. (and a little kiss from Bud's Valentine Ophelia )
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Happy Belated Birthday Echo and Bud! I'm sorry I missed the big day! Hope they enjoyed their birthday.
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Oh thanks everyone! I must have worn them out on their birthday because they've done nothing but lounge around the past 2 days. But...actually, what else is new?
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Happy kittyday to Bud and Echo
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Dear Echo and Bud

I hope your birthday was wonderful!!!


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