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Hi all

I have been looking around on this forum for a few days now and it is indeed a good place to be....

I dont have any cats at present, but my husband and I have just purchased our first home, so I am now looking into purchasing our first child!!!

He doesnt like cats at all - but why should that stop me right? I think he will learn to love her/him when its his own!! (with a little help from me)

was originally going to purchase one from the local shelter, but have been looking at the Birman breeds - sounds like a beautiful cat to me.

but I know I will love whichever I get - I am like a little kid in a candy store with the thought of finally owning my own cat!!!

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Welcome to the site Danielle! How exciting - a new soon-to-be kitty mum!

I've found that most people who don't like cats, have never really known a cat. Good luck in your search for the purrfect new family member. Perhaps your luck will hold and you can find a Birman in a rescue shelter or from a rescue organization.
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My Dad Also "hates" cats, but... this past winter my mom let the stray cat come indoors because it was too cold, and my dad to this day complains about the cat, but sometimes if you walk around the corner fast enough and he does not think anyone is watching he will be cuddling the darn cat! I think that men just don't think that it is manly to have or love cats!!
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Hi Danielle and welcome!!!

There are ways you can do both, get a Birman and save a shelter cat at the same time!

There are 27 Birmans listed right now on www.petfinder.com plus you can always check their classifieds for "Adoptable Pets".

Also, there is the Birman Rescue: http://www.vcnet.com/valkat/birman_r...ir_rescue.html

Best of luck in finding the purrfect kitty for you!
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Welcome and good luck with getting a cat!!
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welcome, and hope you have a good time here
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thx guys...

I have decided just to get a cat from the local shelter. I have always said that's what I would do when I was able to have my first cat, so I have decided to stay with that original thought.

Here in Australia tho, its not breeding time, however the shelter says they still get a few in each week - so we will just wait and see.

I just know that I will have lots of love for whichever kitten i bring home...

I am soooo excited!! It just isnt coming quick enough.

I nearly bought my first toy for it today, but decided I had better calm down and wait until we bring him or her home

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I am up to 14 posts - dont I get something something extra at 20?

these people with 1000+ posts - wow!!!!
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Hi Huggles, welcome aboard!

And you do get something at either 20 or 21 posts... more choices for your avatar! I snagged this from another post from Anne:

0-20 posts - a choice of one of 5 basic avatars.
20-50 posts - more avatars to choose from!
50-100 - even more
200-300 some more choice - this time with animated ones too!
300 and over - you may load your own avatar.

Hope that helps!
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Hi Danielle! I look forward to the day when you get your cat.

Have Fun!

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Thanks so much jgaruba - I actually do remember reading that somewhere but couldnt find it again...

WellingtonCats - me neither!!

My husband bought me a book today entitled "your first cat" hehehe - see I think he will love it!!!
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Hey, Danielle. Cats from shelters are great. I'd suggest getting the ones that really like you. Color doesn't matter. My dad hates dogs, but my mom already has 3 and is getting another in February! They're all large too. I have a stray cat that showed up a few months ago. She had kittens in May. We found homes for all of them. We got her spayed, and after she's recovered, my dad wants her at the farm to chase rats. She was there before, we only took her in so the poor kittens she was going to have wouldn't die. We were originally gonna' keep her, but she keeps getting underfoot. Plus she and Mini don't get along too well (Mini doesn't get along with any cat.)
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welcome to the boards!!
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