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Google ads in bottom banner?

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I may be blind, or stupid, but have these ads always been there?

My real question, however, is this. On another board I frequent, the web site receives revenue based on a click through rate, as well as an impressions rate. So they get paid by the advertiser if people click on the links in the ads.

Does that apply here? If is does, I would be happy to click on some of those links that look interesting, to help out TCS. And I am sure that others will as well.
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Hi Sammie you beat me! I just posted about it in the lounge! You have quick fingers! LOL

Yes, they are a pay per click and they are an experiment right now. I have taken off the post I just did about them. I do not want people to start clicking like crazy on them. If the ads interest you then click, if not, then please just let them be. Google has rules and I do not wish to break them.
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Ah, so if I am interested in one of these advertised web sites, and would like to check them out, it would help TCS if I click through the banner ad here, right? Because some of them do look interesting.
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Right, if you click on them, it will help out the site. But again, only click on the ones that interest you and as I said this is an experiment.
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Just wanted to add that google is supposed to try and deliver content related ads, i.e. cat related ads. That should be more pleasant for users to see and more attractive to click Please don't spam the ads and click just to make us money, but if you see some cat related product that interests you by all means click the ad.

And please let us know what you think - how bad are those ads? If you can also check out meowhoo.com - we've put the ads there as well. Your feedback is appreciated!
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The ads I have seen are content related, for the most part. And a couple for Habitat for Humanity, and the Cancer Society, which are two of my favourite charities, so I don't mind.

I really like these ads. They are very passive, appear at the bottom of the page so they are easy to ignore if we want to. They are small, and no graphics so they don't make the page load more slowly.

And, if the content is related to pets, they may even turn out to be useful!
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When Tania(Kumbulu) posted that Vegemite in 5 sizes thread I asked why TCS has advertising, I thought anne said TCS wasn't gonna host adds?, I haven'e seen many cat adds just red cross ones.


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What I have noticed is that the ad subjects have to do with the subject of the thread.
On this thread, the ad is for Google. On the Lasik Eye surgery thread, the ad if for Lasik surgery. The Red Cross ads are probably on the rescue forums, the cat ads are on the cat related threads, and so on...

I like it!
And I also advertise with Google, it is a great way to advertise for not alot of money if you have a website.
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Seems like they're using a very sophisticated software to target the ads which is what makes them relatively targeted. Sam, I never posted on that vegemite thread but I did post elsewhere that TCS has never and will never present any pop-up ads. We certainly do and will have other types of advertising - the sponsorship ad at the top of the forums for example, or the google ads. It's just those annoying pop-ups that we all hate that will never get on this site.
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oh ok Sorry If I mixed up your words, my mistake.

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