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Cat wrestling

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Do those of you with multiple cats have cats that wrestle each other? I recently adopted a 4 month old kitten who gets along great with my older adult cat. They groom each other and tolerate each others' presence well, however they do wrestle a lot. They roll around on the floor in lock holds kicking each other (kind of how kitties do to toys) and make funny noises. There's no hissing or fur raising involved, so I imagine they're playing, but my older cat never did this with my old roommate's cat. Sometimes I worry they play a little too hard since my adult cat got kicked accidentally in the face by the kitten and has a slightly scratched eye for a day.

Any thoughts if this is normal and them playing? They aren't showing any signs of aggression minus the rough horseplay.
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It is absolutely normal. Azizi, Nova and Teyah wrestle all the time and play fight like crazy.
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Play fighting is normal. I adopted a kitten that wrestled with my older cat. Sometimes she humors him but most of the time, she gets annoyed and will let a low growl out to tell the kitten that its enough.

However, keep your cats/kittens claws TRIMMED.

As a result of rough housing, my kitten accidentally scratched my cat's eye. She had an ulcer which needed treatment. $$$

So really, monitor their play and make sure that he's not going for the face too roughly.
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Yep, Tumble Games are perfectly normal ways for cats to interact, and get exercise and enjoy each other. Some cats will hiss, growl or otherwise swear, during this play, it means nothing, usually.
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Thanks, that's good to hear.

My adult cat had her eye scratched last night and her eye looks ok today (no tearing, no squinting) so should she be ok or should I drag her to the vet anyway?
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Originally Posted by Coronet View Post
My adult cat had her eye scratched last night and her eye looks ok today (no tearing, no squinting) so should she be ok or should I drag her to the vet anyway?
If you don't see anything at all, the kitten probably just caught the outer eyelid. Cats usually have pretty good reflexes and get their eyes closed in time. Do watch closely in case she favors it any today.
As suggested, trim claws.

Your cat probably likes the kitten better simply due to some cats accepting kittens easier. They don't feel that a kitten threatens them in any way. It sounds like the two of them have bonded very well, and for that you're lucky!
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Kitty smackdown! Perfectly normal, just be sure to keep your cats' nails trimmed and all should be fine.
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Oh man... a few of my guys could be on "Wrestlemania"!!! I have a pair of brothers and boy oh boy do they love to wrestle each other!!!
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At first Sneaky wanted nothing to do with HollyHeart.

Now the 2 of them chase each other all over the house and wrestle. And they're both girls

It's a good thing b/c they do it almost every day. Sneaky needs to lose some weight, and maybe this daily chasing of a 4 month old kitten might help.

I think Sneaky did this with Mistoflees when he was younger. In his last couple of years he just ignored her every time she tried to jump him. In fact, when he'd walk into a room (that he would insist on you walking with him) he'd get this paranoid look on his face, and he'd scope the whole room out to make sure Sneaky wasn't hiding somewhere to pounce on him.

And now they're sleeping together Too cute

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Flambe and Ella have been going at it. I've seen them both start it; they both like to hide and "mug" one of the other cats.

When they really get going, Ella screams like she's being killed. I've seen her do even while she's on the top, after starting it herself! She's just a crybaby; but she's having a great time.
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My sphynx love to wrestle all the time.
Miss Tortitude Wrinkles ends up getting mad sometimes because Cleo can be rough.
They slap each other also and you here it because they have bare skin.
Cleo Wrestles my other cats also.
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